Modell’s Sporting Goods Interview Questions & Tips

Modell's Hiring Practices

Family-owned sporting goods retailer Modell's Sporting Goods offers exceptional customer service provided by skilled, knowledgeable employees. For most available positions, hiring managers evaluate applicants through one to two interview sessions. Interviews are primarily held 1:1 with a store manager or assistant store manager and last about 20 minutes.

Getting Ready for Interviews

For a chance at a Modell's interview, applicants need to submit necessary employment forms and hiring materials to preferred locations. If selected for interviews, job hopefuls need to prepare by reviewing past employment and relevant skills. Additionally, applicants should conduct some research on the company to learn about products and company history. Once prepared, candidates should arrive several minutes early and dressed in casual business attire.

Interview Questions to Consider

For entry-level positions with Modell's, like sales associate or cashier jobs, interviews usually feature standard questions for the sporting goods retail industry. Typical interview questions include:

  • What can you tell me about yourself that isn't on the application?
  • Why should I hire you over someone else?
  • Why did you leave your last job?

Managerial Candidates

For managerial and more advanced positions, expect to hear questions like:

  • What would you do if you saw an employee stealing?
  • Have you ever clashed with a manager at your previous job?
  • How long do you see yourself working with Modell's?"

Answering Questions

During interviews, applicants provide answers, which reflect clear thinking and customer-focused natures. As Modell's Sporting Goods prefer team members with passion for sports and athletic gear, applicants should take opportunities to bring up past athletic involvement or interests with certain sports or teams. Overall, a job seeker needs to show enthusiasm at the prospect of working with the company.


  • WILLIS M LOPEZ says:

    I love sports I would love to work for Modell’s, what do they look for when it comes to experience? I have enough retail experience I hope they call me for an interview. I want at least a full time job. I NEED JOB PLEASE

  • Dorian DeJesus says:

    Will they work with me hours and days with my College schedule?

  • Dorian DeJesus says:

    I live in Brooklyn, near the 86th St Modells. I have given my application to this Modell’s twice & I have never been contacted for an interview. I am now attending College, but I am willing to work
    part time or as my schedule permits…I am going to file my 3rd application with Modells this week.
    Hope I will not be too late for the holiday help.

  • Brian Osbourne says:

    I would definitely love to work at Modells, basically any retail store that invloves sports, health & nutrition, and fitness. I love them all, so I would apply at my local Modells in Jersey and give it a shot and let’s see what happens from there.

  • shaquuaia roberts says:

    i would gladly like to work for your company. i enjoy wearing clothes from modell’s. i would like to hear back from you .

  • mark simmons says:

    pay rate for sales associate $15 an hour
    45 percent discount
    two weekends off each month
    $100 bonus per week for catching theft
    $500 bonus per month for selling 100 credit cards

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