Molina Healthcare Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare, specializing in helping patients navigate Medicare and Medicaid, looks to add job seekers patient care and service employment. Candidates cite phone interviews leading to both one-to-one and panel interviews as the most common forms of screening. Applicants should expect the interview process to last two to four weeks, depending on the position sought. In addition to successfully navigating the interview process, candidates eligible to receive job offers may need to pass background checks.

Interview Questions

Molina Healthcare job interview questions cover a vast array of subject areas, such as education, work history, and personal experience. Typical interview questions may include behavioral questions such as, "What are some of your greatest successes?" and "How do you adapt to change in your work environment?" Applicants most regularly respond to situational questions asking how candidates would react given certain circumstances. For example: "Have you ever worked in medical sales?" or "Give an example of a time a customer couldn't be helped in the way they wanted. What did you do?"


Research the company ahead of time to gather mission statements and company goals, if possible. Prepare several questions to ask the interviewer if given the opportunity. Remain calm and relaxed throughout the Molina Healthcare interview process and answer all questions with confidence and sincerity.

Desirable Candidates

Ideal healthcare industry workers possess excellent communication skills, problem-solving capabilities, and work well in team-oriented environments. Try and select attire that displays a level of professionalism consistent with industry standards. Plan to arrive several minutes prior to the scheduled interview times to calm nerves. At the conclusion of the hiring process, express gratitude for the opportunity.

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