Molly Maid Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at Molly Maid

Jobs Available

Canadian cleaning company Molly Maid searches for team members who take pride in quality and professionalism. Positions available include cleaner, customer service representative, sales estimator, and branch manager.

Things to Know Before the Interview

The interview process lasts from one to two weeks and includes a phone interview and one-on-one job interview. Applicants should dress in fashions reflective of commitment to cleanliness and respectability. Exhibit customer-friendly traits and actively engage with the interviewer to show an exceptional proficiency in dealing with customers.

Typical Interview Discussions

Questions in the interview revolve around themes such as prior relevant experience, behavior, and trustworthiness. When prompted to give a past example of service from a former workplace, select a situation that best highlights a positive and rigorous work ethic as well as shows a positive, team-oriented attitude.

Research the Company Beforehand

Working knowledge of company history demonstrates genuine interest and willingness to assimilate to Molly Maid policies and procedures.

Ask Questions

Applicants should prepare questions to ask the interviewer in order to display a serious regard for the job inquiry, if appropriate. Candidates receive hiring decisions post-interview. Formal hiring usually takes place after successful completion of drug testing and background checks.

10 user comments:

  1. rosa pani

    hi i am wondering if i can get a job in the afternoon

    thank you

  2. jessica

    Are you hiring now in san antonio ?what’s the starting pay or entry level pay rate? what kind of clothes should someone wear or how should they dress ?what education level? becaues i only went to 10 grade.

  3. Ina

    What are some common interview questions asked?

  4. Tashena

    Hello I Need help finding a job

  5. joan jacobs

    job needed in charlotte nc area

  6. Allison

    Allison P.

    I work for a canadian molly maid company and they are a good company. Although when I was told to remove my wedding band and engagement I was very displeased with the reasoning because they wanted me to hide I was married. Great company some things I just don’t agree with.

  7. Allison Delamare

    Allison D.
    Providence, Rhode Island.

    Are there jobs available in rhode island? What should i wear for my interview? I was wondering about second interviews, will i get a call after?

  8. Gail

    Should I wear my gray housekeeping dress to the interview? with or without the apron?

  9. danielle

    I am very interested in getting a job with Molly Maid in Lebanon TN. I have an eight month old little girl, and I love cleaning. I believe this will be a great job for me.

  10. Candace

    Are there any openings in Rockwall TX? I’ve had a year of experience with a housecleaning job. Im a high school grad. I graduated as a junior.


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