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With an excess of 1,000 budget lodging locations across the United States, Motel 6 routinely hires on entry-level workers to staff hotels. Known for providing affordable rooms, basic necessities, and excellent customer service, the hotel also needs upper-level staff to ensure each location and employee meets company standards.

Facts About Working at Motel 6

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Motel 6?)

Available Positions: Front Desk Agent, Housekeeper, Customer Service Representative, Laundry Attendant, Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Motel 6 Job Opportunities

As part of the Motel 6 hospitality team, associates frequently interact with guests of various backgrounds and cultures. Common entry-level positions like front desk clerk, guest service representative, and housekeeper do not require job history or expertise in a specific field. However, ideal hotel industry candidates possess attention to detail and courteous attitudes at all times. Additionally, job seekers must typically stand 18 years of age to qualify for entry-level positions.

Hardworking crew members often earn advancement opportunities to job titles such as manager-on-duty, assistant manager, and general manager. Upper-level personnel fulfill a multitude of responsibilities, and the budget lodging chain typically looks for management candidates with several years of experience in the hospitality industry. Employment hunters eager for a position at Motel 6 find job opportunities on the company website along with a straightforward online application process.

Motel 6 Positions and Salary Information

Each location a vast organization, Motel 6 needs to staff many different departments with motivated applicants in order to competently maintain hotel operations. General customer service, housekeeping, maintenance, and management prove four main components of the hotel workforce. Workers enjoy pay rates on par with the rest of the budget-hotel industry. The popular lodging company frequently posts openings for the following positions:

Guest Service Representative

  • Associates with the guest service representative job title take reservations, check guests into rooms, and perform cleaning or other hospitality-related duties as assigned.
  • Often standing on foot for long hours during shifts, guest service representatives must nevertheless exude inviting demeanors when assisting guests.
  • These team members need to possess a well-rounded knowledge of the hotel lay-out in order to help visitors locate rooms or other areas of the building.
  • Guest service employees may also need to assist guests by carrying baggage to rooms.
  • Additional duties may vary depending on assigned work areas.
  • The typical pay rate for a Motel 6 guest service representative rests around $8.00 per hour.


  • Housekeeping associates ensure room cleanliness before guests arrive and throughout the stay.
  • Cleaning duties typically include doing laundry, changing bed linens, vacuuming and removing garbage from rooms, keeping rooms stocked with complimentary items and general necessities, and sanitizing bathrooms.
  • Housekeepers may also need to assist guests by retrieving fresh towels or extra linens during visits.
  • Workers use various chemicals when performing cleaning duties and must maintain safe working procedures.
  • The job requires individuals to maintain good physical health, as lifting, pushing, walking, bending, and reaching prove routine movements during shifts.
  • Housekeepers typically start out making minimum wage.


  • The maintenance team performs landscaping, preventative maintenance, emergency repairs, and general upkeep of all hotel grounds and equipment.
  • Routine tasks include maintaining pool chemical and cleanliness levels, caring for potted plants, painting, and fixing damage to rooms.
  • Workers receive additional tasks from maintenance managers as necessary.
  • Typical pay for maintenance workers rests around $9.00 per hour.


  • Popular upper-level job titles include manager-on-duty, assistant general manager, and general manager.
  • Managers must possess anywhere between two and five years of experience to obtain Motel 6 leadership jobs.
  • The manager-on-duty trains new crew members, solves customer issues, and supervises associates on hand.
  • Additional tasks may include banking, housekeeping, and maintenance duties.
  • Assistant and general managers maintain quality standards throughout all hotel operations from employee development to guest satisfaction.
  • Employee development duties may include hiring, training, scheduling, inspiring, and terminating associates when necessary.
  • Managers also administer payroll, perform banking duties, and institute loss prevention strategies.
  • All managers must maintain proficiency in Microsoft Office platforms such as Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • A supervisory position in nature, the manager-on-duty earns hourly pay between $9.00 and $10.00.
  • Upper-level management often garner yearly salary options between $25,000 and $45,000 depending on job title and experience.

Tips For Applying

Easily navigable for any job seeker, aspiring workers find employment opportunities via the Motel 6 online career portal. The company denotes the location of the vacancy and a detailed job description with each listing. Candidates commence the application process by clicking Apply. The procedure typically involves submitting a cover letter and resume. Applicants may also need to yield contact information and other data related to job history and availability. Ensure correct grammar and spelling throughout the application and avoid the addition of unnecessary information.

Application Status

Hiring managers typically contact eligible applicants by phone within four or five days of receiving applications. Applicants who do not receive contact from a hiring manager within a week should place a phone call to the location of desired employment to check on the application status. When following up via telephone, ask to speak with a manager and politely inquire if the information received hiring personnel review. Endeavor to follow up during slower business hours to increase the chances of speaking with the manager.

Benefits of Working at Motel 6

Each Motel 6 employee receives a well-rounded benefits package that includes:

  • Healthcare
  • Life insurance
  • 401 (k) retirement plans and flexible spending accounts
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Credit union options, and
  • Bonus potential.

Healthcare benefits consist of medical, vision, and dental insurance as well as prescription drug plans. Upper-level personnel may access additional benefits such as short-term and long-term disability, free housing, and company vehicles.

Additional Information on Motel 6

Parent company, The Blackstone Group, continues to expand the brand constructing new locations. The hotel company lists the newest locations on the official website. Job searchers often benefit from grand openings, as new hotels provide a wide array of employment opportunities. Applicants may sign up to receive updates about job openings via the Motel 6 career portal online. Workers find additional career prospects in the Midwest, south, and western portions of the United States via sister hotel brand, Studio 6.


  • Jay quan Smallwood says:

    I was grounds keeper and Jr. Maintenance and I painted some sheet rock, repair replaced A/C units with working ones help house keeping depose of their trash if the help was needed. Helped inspect leaks in the roofs and repaired and fixed toilets if parts needed replacement.

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