Motel 6 Interview Questions & Tips

Process Overview

Committed to quality customer care, Motel 6 hires personable workers that go above and beyond to ensure guest comfort. The chain offers structured, job-specific interviews for roles like front desk agent, maintenance technician, housekeeper, customer service representative, and hotel management positions. In most cases, the company keeps the interview process speedy, with applicants knowing hiring statuses a week or two after the final interview session.

Interview Types

Most Motel 6 locations conduct interviews through 1:1 question and answer sessions with hiring managers. For customer service and housekeeping roles, applicants usually go through one interview. Managerial applicants are likely to participate in multiple rounds of face-to-face interviews as well as panel interviews. Interviews remain relaxed, while most sessions never last longer than 45 minutes.

Common Interview Questions

Interviewers generally inquire about background and previous work experience. Some typical questions used during job interviews include:

  • What prior experience do you have in the industry?
  • What do you know about Motel 6?
  • How will you contribute to the success of Motel 6?
  • How flexible is your schedule?

Fun but Serious Questions

For some positions, Motel 6 hiring managers may pose scenarios and inquire about willingness to carry out duties. Interviewers often like to keep the process interesting by asking fun, personality-gauging questions, like "Who is your favorite super hero?" or other interview questions featuring similar subjects.

Learning to Answer Interview Questions

Applicants should answer every interview question in dignified, clear, and concise manners. If possible, job hopefuls want to use previous experience in the industry to support answers. Workers may prepare for interviews by thinking up response to basic interview questions ahead of time. Responses should remain truthful and have positive spins. If questioned about feelings toward previous employers, applicants should always keep responses positive.

Dressing for the Interview

Job hopefuls must attend the Motel 6 interview on time and dressed in appropriate attire. Wearing suits or formal business clothing is standard with the hospitality industry. For more labor-intensive jobs, like housekeeper or maintenance worker opportunities, applicants may wear business-casual clothing. Overall, candidates need to show enthusiastic attitudes toward the opportunity for employment during the entire hiring process.


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    I am very curious if you have a work from home opening for reservationists. I would like to apply if you do offer such positions.

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