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Headquartered in Broomfield, CO, with distribution centers in Salt Lake City, UT, Mrs. Fields Cookies maintains a strong national presence in addition to more than 300 retail stores situated around the world. Part-time and full-time jobs remain in high abundance through the specialty foods chain.

Facts About Working at Mrs. Fields Cookies

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Mrs. Fields Cookies?)

Available Positions: Team Member, Cashier, Sales Associate, Shift Leader, Office Coordinator, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Mrs. Fields Cookies Employment Opportunities

Physical retail locations based primarily in major shopping malls allow Mrs. Fields Cookies to experience high volumes of customer traffic and prolonged periods of growth and expansion as a franchise. In addition to physical stores, the specialty foods retailer boasts online sales through a comprehensive web-based catalog. Around 4,000 entry-level associates and career professionals carry out daily operations. Job seekers readily find exciting employment opportunities in unique settings as new locations open and business expands. Most storefronts consist of 500sqft. to 800sqft, which historically accommodates 10 to 12 employees comfortably.

A majority of daily responsibilities involve preparing food for customers. Basic sanitation and equipment maintenance also play important roles in everyday operations. Shopping mall locales generally increase foot traffic, which provides steady influxes of patrons throughout each day. Attention to detail, teamwork, and thorough execution of job duties remain vital in order to succeed as a Mrs. Fields employee. However, the dessert retailer favors applications highlighting bright, personable, and patient attitudes, regardless of circumstances. Franchised locations collectively bring in over $50 million annually, which accounts for thousands of customers per store each year.

Mrs. Fields Cookies Job Options and Salary Information

Representing excellent starting points for both short-term and long-term retail careers, Mrs. Fields Cookies jobs offer part-time and full-time schedule flexibility. In order to fill out applications for entry-level jobs, workers must stand at least 16 and possess reliable transportation. Managerial roles may require high school diplomas or equivalents and related experience in the retail industry, depending on tenure with the company. Interested workers should complete and submit job applications for the following positions:

Production Worker

  • Available as a year-round or seasonal position, production worker involves preparing, baking, and packaging Mrs. Fields products.
  • Job duties also include operating cash registers and explaining menu items.
  • The intensive nature of the job title requires each associate to feel comfortable performing manual labor, such as lifting up to 40lbs. and standing for whole shifts proves typical of daily responsibilities.
  • Production worker employees also regularly assume night and weekend hours in addition to traditional day schedules.
  • Holidays may facilitate overtime or additional hours per pay period. Wages rest around $8.50 per hour, on average.

Warehouse Associate

  • Another labor-intensive job opportunity, the position of warehouse associate requires good health, stamina, computer skills, and familiarity working heavy machinery, such as forklifts, dollies, pallet jacks, and automated sorters.
  • High school diplomas or GEDs prove necessary for employment consideration, as well.
  • The cookie retail chain prefers to hire individuals with at least a month of experience prior to submitting application forms.
  • Shift options usually remain widely varied; however, most warehouse associates work extended hours during busy holiday seasons.
  • Salary options generally vary by experience; however, typical starting salaries usually fall between $24,000 and $26,000 a year at start.


  • Career options regularly become available in retail management.
  • Job hopefuls begin as supervisors and receive promotion or assignment into assistant manager and store manager roles.
  • Shift supervisors and assistant managers may work part-time for full-time and make between $10.00 and $13.00 an hour, while store managers generally maintain full-time schedules and earn an average of $40,000 annual salary.
  • Most managerial responsibilities center on tracking inventory and shipments, hiring and training new associates, guaranteeing customer satisfaction, and increasing store profitability.

Tips For Applying

Mrs. Fields Cookies often accepts applications through third-party recruitment and staffing firms. Employment hopefuls also report success submitting hiring forms in person at desired locations and using the online application process supported by the company website. However, any method proves useful in declaring candidacy for available positions. Workers need to mark open availability and willingness to assume roles as part of teams to gain employment. Enjoyment of the culinary arts and dealing with the general public also provides added review from company hiring officials.

Application Status

The most effective ways to check on the statuses of outstanding applications include calling, emailing, or visiting preferred storefronts and inquiring with management directly. Applicants who visit locations in person may gain preferential treatment, as the method allows for personal demonstration of attitudes, abilities, and drive. Telephone and email follow ups show dedication and determination, as well.

Benefits of Working at Mrs. Fields Cookies

Employees typically receive discounted or free food during each shift. Workers also stand eligible for receiving tips from customers rewarding excellent service, which increases earnings. Former and current associates report fun, supportive, and professionally dedicated work environments conducive to career growth and financial stability. Qualified employees also gain access to competitive employment benefits packages. Work benefits may include:

  • Healthcare coverage
  • Paid time off, and
  • 401(k) retirement plans.

Specific job benefits available and eligibility requirements often vary by location.

Mrs. Fields Cookies Supplemental Information

In accordance with corporate transparency policies, Mrs. Fields Cookies offers consumers extensive expense report summaries at the end of each fiscal year. Patrons, investors, and curious individuals alike may log on to the company website and access the expense reports, which include salary options for corporate executives, product sourcing, and investor contributions. Parent company Z Capital represents the organization responsible for the report, which generates $1.9 billion in annual revenues and maintains U.S. offices in New York, NY, USA.


  • Tracy Beach (Napolitano) says:

    I worked for Mrs. Field’s Famous Brands for 13 years. I started as a part time sales clerk and moved up to a store manager and then promoted to a multi store operator for the Cleveland, OH market.
    This company truly believes in empowering their employees with the tools and resources needed to succeed. There are not many companies that can say that honestly.
    My favorite part of this company is that they truly believe in the ideas of their employees and will stand behind them. Whether it’s a sales idea, in-store coupon or even a local marketing plan.
    And the motto has stayed with me. “Good enough never is”

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