Mrs. Fields Cookies Interview Questions & Tips

Mrs. Fields Cookies Hiring Process

Mall-based specialty foods retailer Mrs. Fields Cookies provides hundreds of job opportunities across the United States. In order to select candidates worthy of employment, the baked goods chain employs a straightforward interview process to screen for open availability, personable traits, and the ability to adapt to stressful, fast-paced situations. Applicants may only need to sit through 20-minute hiring sessions to receive formal review, while the average run-time for job interviews typically rests between 15 minutes and a half hour.

Ideal Candidate Traits and Abilities

During Mrs. Fields job interviews, workers respond to questions designed to weed out undesirable personalities. Character traits most hiring personnel favor include focus, determination, persistence, and trust. Most entry-level job opportunities involve regular interaction with both customers and fellow employees. Applicants must possess sound communication skills to gain employment.

General Interview Questions

Examples of common interview questions may include: "Have you ever worked retail or food service before?", "What kind of work environments do you thrive in?", and "What hours would you be able to work from the start?" Job seekers typically spend a few minutes providing basic introductions before moving into question-and-answer portions of the interview process.

How to Succeed

Though the specialty foods retailer imposes no formal requirements for most entry-level vacancies, applicants should attend each hiring session dressed well. Greet each hiring manager in manners used to potentially greet customers. Remain cordial, inviting, and attentive. Smile consistently throughout the interview process and maintain a positive attitude.

Job Offers

Knowing Mrs. Fields menus may greatly improve odds of employment, as do backgrounds in culinary arts, specialty foods, or baked goods, in general. Hiring personnel often make hiring decisions on-the-spot, although some workers may receive determinations after the company interviews all viable candidates for a given job title. Most applicants spend about a week going through formal procedure.


  • Nicole Torres says:

    I want to work here with all my life!! i love baking and i think this is an amazing experience for me as a 16 year old. im ok with the questions but how should i dress to the interview?

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