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Hiring Age: 21 Years Old years old (How old do you have to be to work at MSC Application?)

Available Positions: Available Jobs: Assistant Shop Manager, Animator, Shop Seller, Casino Dealer, Social Host, Slot Technician, Casino Inspector, Photographer, DJ Entertainer, Cruise Consultant, Graphic Designer, Cruise Director, Group Sales

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MSC Cruise Job Opportunities

Mediterranean Shipping Company manages in excess of 24,000 employees, with a large portion of total associates dedicated to international tourism exploits. Each vessel in the company fleet requires hundreds of workers to greet and entertain guests, maintain ship hotel rooms and dining areas, navigate to and from destinations, and keep general order. MSC Cruise also hires for land job opportunities, including positions in administration, marketing, customer service, accounting, and brand management. Applicants may declare candidacy for available positions by sending resumes to a company-sponsored email address maintained by hiring personnel. Workers must provide updated resumes and cover letters in order to gain serious review.

The most widely abundant jobs available, including both onboard and land-based positions, revolve around entry-level responsibilities. Individuals looking for cruise line jobs encounter dozens of opportunities for entry-level work aboard each ship and in various capacities on land. Workers regularly gain employment as hotel laundry and housekeeping staff, concierge members, guest relations hosts, retail and casino cashiers, photographers, restaurant servers and cooks, and maintenance technicians. Specific hiring requirements typically vary by position, as qualifications for employment in culinary, maintenance, or retail operations may favor individuals with respective related backgrounds and years of experience. Open availability and willingness to travel, especially for months at a time, remain crucial elements of gaining employment. Typical schedules consist of long hours across varied shifts customarily including nights, weekends, and holidays. Contracts for hire generally last a minimum of six months and require applicants to maintain availability for at least the same amount of time.

MSC Cruise Jobs and Salary Information

Cruise ships often pay entry-level employees monthly salary options. Hourly equivalents begin around $10.00 for basic positions, like server or retail associate, and rise to $15.00 or so with experience. Medical personnel and engine/navigation crew members regularly start out at $20.00 an hour. Year-long positions, such as cruise director or captain, may yield $50,000 or more per year. Pay scales generally reflect previous experience, skills, and perceived levels of motivation and dedication. Many positions provide the added benefit of discounted travel arrangements through the company. Qualified employees also receive 401(k) retirement plans, healthcare coverage, and opportunities for career advancement. Job benefits vary greatly by position and seniority.

Cruise Consultant

  • Customer-oriented cruise consultant jobs require excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Responsibilities include the regular use of computers and telephones to book travel reservations, explain destination packages and ship amenities, and answer questions regarding company policies and pricing.
  • Cruise consultants process payments and handle customer complaints, as well.

Shop Seller

  • Another entry-level cruise ship job, the position of shop seller includes retailing merchandise aboard MSC Cruise vessels in assigned stores.
  • Everyday tasks range from greeting and assisting customers to ringing up purchases, handling returns, stocking shelves, and maintaining clean and organized shop locations.
  • Excellent social skills and experience in retail often benefit prospective job seekers.


  • Applicants with at least 18 months of experience may find work as shipboard photographers.
  • Artistic, diligent, and friendly candidates represent ideal fits for the position, which primarily involves capturing momentous occasions on film throughout excursions.
  • Photographers remain continuously on-call and need to work quickly in order to photograph guests and events accurately and accordingly.

Additional Information

MSC Cruise operates as a tourism-oriented division of international parcel mover Mediterranean Shipping Company S.p.A. The shipping corporation purchased the sea-bound travel line in 1989. Roughly one dozen vessels comprise the company fleet. Each ship sails under the Panamanian flag. Ships also feature both traditional and contemporary amenities, such as onboard fitness and health centers, 24-hour beverage services, live entertainment, attentive concierge and room services, high-speed internet, movie theaters, specialty restaurants, buffets, pools and saunas, and scenic observation decks.

Based out of Geneva, Switzerland, MSC Cruise primarily sails to European and Mediterranean destinations. Travelers may also find destination packages to the Canary Islands, the U.S. Gulf area, and parts of South America. Packages consist of traditional accommodations geared toward families and/or casual travelers as well as special excursions for newlyweds and couples looking for romantic getaways. The Italian cruise line also offers themed voyages, including the Songs of the 60s, Baseball Greats, and Blend Craft Wine specialty cruises.


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