Murphy USA Interview Questions & Tips

Introductory Information

Murphy USA seeks candidates to fill customer service-oriented jobs in the gasoline and convenience store industry. Job seekers are encouraged to apply online or in-person. Applicants may participate in prescreening via phone before moving on to 1:1 interviews. Management positions may involve panel interviews with multiple hiring personnel before receiving invitations to attend person-to-person sessions. Depending on the position, the hiring process may last anywhere from two to four weeks. However, most applicants, especially entry-level job seekers, wrap up all necessary stages of interviews within a weeks' time.

Normal Interview Questions

Cashiers and sales associates usually meet with hiring managers in face-to-face interviews. The sessions usually take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Some examples of questions asked include: "Will you be able to work multiple shifts?", "What would you do if you witnessed employee theft?", and "If a customer will not calm down or is belligerent, what steps should you take?"

Management Jobs

Manager and assistant manager job interviews typically focus on work history, education, and adaptability. Upper-level applicants often field questions like, "What kind of experience do you have in hiring and training employees?" and "If necessary, would you be willing to relocate?" Candidates for managerial positions should know how to handle any and all types of customers, focus on company goals, and possess experience motivating and team-building. Applicants should dress appropriately, with business-casual attire as the minimum standard for interview apparel.

Getting Ahead of Competition

During the Murphy USA interview process, applicants should appear energetic, demonstrate excellent work ethics, and exude genuine enthusiasm when responding to hiring personnel. Previous customer service and retail skills may garner additional consideration over more inexperienced candidates without said qualities. Ask questions when appropriate while maintaining eye contact and a clear, calm voice throughout the interview process. Successful applicants who do not receive employment offers at the end of the final session often gain employment within a few days.

Additional Steps

Candidates may also need to complete additional steps to earn hiring consideration, including background checks and drug screening. In some cases, franchises may require multiple interviews for entry-level jobs.


  • adriene says:

    when on an interview a person should wear the type of clothes that would go with the job they are applying for. For edx. A business suit for an office job, or maybe slacks for a resturant job

  • michael d. says:

    would a suit be to much for an interview there?

  • Vantavia says:

    When called for an interview and you can’t make it, can you call and reschedule and if so, when is the right time?

  • Mrs.lee says:

    Does murphy usa drug test? I’ve already been interviewed.

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