NAPA Auto Parts Interview Questions & Tips

Company Overview

With more than 80 years in the industry, NAPA, short for National Automotive Parts Association, serves motorists across the United States and the rest of North America. The automotive company carries thousands of replacement parts for nearly every make and model of car, while some stores even offer garage and repair services. For anyone looking for employment in the automotive repair industry, the company supports more than 6,000 locations, with plenty of part-time and full-time job opportunities. After submitting all hiring materials, qualified applicants may earn interviews.

Traditional Interview Opportunities

Job interviews with NAPA Auto Parts follow a general format. Most entry-level applicants undergo one-on-one question and answer sessions with store or district managers. Sessions usually last around 30 minutes, though some interviews mar run over. Usually, applicants participate in one or two interviews, with the latter typically acting as orientation.

Customer Service Skills are Vital

Customer service and behavioral questions dominate most of the interview, though some questions still pertain to automotive expertise. Car knowledge still takes a less prominent role to excellent customer treatment and social interaction.

Think Before You Speak

NAPA Auto Parts applicants should think about each question before answering, though spending too much time before answering may cause the candidate to appear unknowledgeable or dishonest. Use the time to formulate a well-thought-out response. Prepared candidates should have no problem giving an honest answer to every question.

How to Dress

Applicants should dress appropriately for each interview. Business suits may be acceptable, though anything that may be found in a typical office environment will be sufficient. Dress shoes, khakis or slacks, and collared shirts comprise common attire worn for NAPA Auto Parts job interviews.

Hire Notifications

Typically, NAPA Auto Parts contacts applicants via telephone regarding hiring and employment status. The company even often contacts applicants who have not been selected to thank them for interest in work.


  • brandon says:

    what is the age required to work at napa auto parts?

  • jacob says:

    do they drug test at all?

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