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Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Nashville Electric Service (NES) maintains over 1000 employees. The company delivers safe and reliable power to a covered service area of 700 square miles. Individuals seeking work in the energy industry regularly find positions with little experience needed.

Facts About Working at Nashville Electric Service

Minimum Age to Work at Nashville Electric Service: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Nashville Electric Service?)

Nashville Electric Service Hours of Operation: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available Positions at Nashville Electric Service: Lineman Apprentice, Excavation Operator, Metering Data & Systems Technician, Engineer-Trainee, Engineer, Fleet Technician, Technician, Advanced Lineman Apprentice, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Rates Analyst, Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources Manager, Dispatcher

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Nashville Electric Service Job Opportunities

One of the largest public electric utilities in the nation, Nashville Electric Service distributes power to roughly 370,000 customers. The energy outfit continues to service patrons in Middle Tennessee since 1939. Covering all of Nashville and Davidson County and portions of the six surrounding counties, the energy supplier works tirelessly to provide customers with affordable energy. The company depends on skilled and dedicated staffs to meet the electricity needs of consumers. With continuous growth, positions open frequently and offer competitive wages and exceptional job benefits.

Employees thrive in dynamic work environments where the ability to excel proves invaluable. NES allows every qualified worker the opportunity to advance career skills to become top professionals in the industry. Entry-level candidates find advancement into top-paying jobs with dedication and hard work. The company genuinely cares about the community and employs from surrounding areas. Staff members come from different backgrounds and share unique perspectives. Team members also work together to harness the power of natural resources. Through educating clients about renewable sources, such as wind, solar, and methane gas, employees help the energy outfit create less waste and pollution.

Employment and Salary Information for Nashville Electric Service

Candidates must meet the deadline advertised on each job posting. Potential employees should not hold any drug or alcohol violations within the past 12 months. High school diplomas or equivalents remain mandatory for most opportunities. Passionate individuals with interest in the energy industry fare better against the competition. Applicants should also interact with professionalism when communicating with coworkers and customers. Entry-level opportunities open on a regular basis for the following job titles:

Junior Clerk

  • Exposed to typical office conditions, junior clerks must maintain open lines of communication.
  • Workers answer telephones and refer calls as needed.
  • Interaction with coworkers, customers, and outside agencies serve as required parts of the job.
  • Other activities may involve operating office equipment, such as copiers, computers, fax machines, and calculators.
  • Since clerks maintain employee records and files, individuals should only apply if highly organized.
  • Hourly wages begin at $12.00 and increase with experience.
  • Candidates should possess six months of clerical work experience and obtain satisfactory scores on application exams.

System Operator

  • Potential workers may earn salary packages of $38,000 annually working as system operators.
  • Surroundings often include exposure to extreme conditions, such as hot, cold, dusty, and noisy environments.
  • Operators learn to de-energize, clear, and tag lines and equipment for maintenance and construction.
  • Employees control electric systems through Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems.
  • Staff members also assist with meter-reading devices and troubleshooting power outrages due to equipment failures.
  • The position requires team members to stay on-call 24 hours a day.
  • State law mandates workers possess Class D driver’s licenses, as well.

Associate Engineer

  • Employees assist with engineering projects and design maps and drawings for electric power transmission and distribution, control systems, communication systems, substations, and street lighting.
  • Work environments may include occasional exposure to noise, dust, heat, and other elements.
  • Workers should also prepare for lifting and moving objects, standing and walking for long periods of time, and machine operation.
  • Associate engineers also actively engage in computer usage for creating and revising drawings and engineering records.
  • Candidates possess the potential to earn pay rates of $40,000 a year.
  • Associate’s degrees in engineering technology serve as hiring requirements; however, no experience stands necessary.

Tips For Applying

Positions within the company attract large amounts of applicants, and openings become very competitive. Candidates should apply online through the career portal on the main website. Current opportunities prove searchable and mandate the creation of online profiles to continue in the hiring process. Contenders may add positions to job carts to apply at later times or submit applications for multiple careers. By registering emails, hopefuls may request job alerts for new opportunities. To qualify, potential employees must possess interest in the energy industry. Prospective workers should also demonstrate excellent communication skills.

Application Status

After applying online, candidates generally receive email acknowledgements. Staffing representatives also remain available to assist with checking application statuses. Individuals must show persistence when trying to obtain employment. Qualified applicants remain professional at all times, especially when requesting status updates. Interview processes may become lengthy depending on the number of applications submitted for the position. Recruiters typically reach out to potential employees within two weeks to schedule phone or in-person interviews. Hired candidates may find wait times upward of two months before beginning work.

Benefits of Working for Nashville Electric Service

Driven to meet the needs of each employee, Nashville Electric Service provides job benefits to satisfy workers and families. Healthcare coverage remains available for eligible staff members and dependents in the form of vision, dental, and medical insurance. Long-term security stems from 401(k) retirement plans and pensions. Other work benefits may include employee assistance programs, long-term disability, and discounts on services. Paid time away from work takes the form of vacation days and sick time. Qualified candidates also find competitive wages when starting out and possess the potential to learn the necessary skills for advanced positions.

Additional Facts about Nashville Electric Service

The utility company offers power-saving tips to help consumers reduce energy usage. Depending on the season, customers find advice for summer and winter months. Broken into categories, tips range from heating and cooling to appliances and lightning. Additional recommendations include hints for around the house, such as closing the blinds and caulking windows. To help online users, calculators break down average costs for heating pumps, appliances, compact fluorescent lights, and TVs. Neighborhood Energy Savers Workshops stand available for people in surrounding communities to learn about energy-efficient improvements for homes. The free event operates throughout Nashville and provides attendees with a tool kit filled with useful energy information.

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