Nashville Electric Service Job Interview Questions & Tips

Job Openings

Nashville Electric Services looks for potential employees with talent and dedication to help provide energy to the 360,000-plus customers. Positions for hire regularly include lineman and relay technician.

Work Requirements

The electric provider requires applicants to have no drug or alcohol violations within the past 12 months, possess high school or general education diplomas, and have at least two years of industry-related experience. Interested applicants meeting the previously mentioned requirements should visit the company website to complete the necessary hiring information.

Phone Interviews

The hiring process typically begins with a telephone pre-screening which, if completed successfully, results in a formal invitation for an onsite interview.


Applicants in the labor category should prepare for the session by studying common interview questions, while wearing professional garb fit for manual work and grooming to acceptable standards.

Study Practice Questions

Questions asked during the interviews mostly relate to prior work experience and overall capability to perform the tasks required. Examples include:

  • How proficient are you in overhead line construction?
  • How well do you handle regular exposure to disagreeable elements and hazards?
  • Can you frequently move and lift 50 fifty pounds on a daily basis?
The interviewer may also ask a handful of questions related to motivation and behavior to gauge capabilities in assimilating with potential coworkers.

Thank Hiring Personnel

At the conclusion of the interview, express gratitude to the hiring personnel. Applicants may receive hiring decisions at the conclusion of the interviews.

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