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Applying for Jobs

Originally established as an iconic Coney Island hot dog stand, Nathan’s Famous now boasts over 260 restaurants across the country and recruits capable new workers on a virtually ongoing basis nationwide. Potential employees must apply for Nathan's Famous jobs in-person and meet with a hiring manager for an interview before qualifying to work for the chain of hot dog shops.


Nathan's Famous hiring personnel hold interviews onsite at the applicable hot dog shop and generally schedule the meetings between a day and a month after job seekers application. Interviewees typically meet individually with managers. At locations with multiple jobs to fill in little time, hiring managers may choose to conduct group interviews.

The Interview

Typically assuming the form of a traditional question-and-answer session, Nathan’s Famous interviews often feature a series of behavioral and situational questions to which applicants must respond by sharing how they approached or would approach the given scenario.

Questions Often Asked

Examples of Nathan's Famous interview questions falling into this category include, "What would you do if a customer became upset and claimed you made a mistake with an order?" and "Can you describe a time when you had to work as part of a team to achieve a goal?" Interviewees may have to discuss personal availability, past job duties, and personality in detail, as well. Nathan's Famous hiring managers may also ask questions requiring knowledge of the restaurant menu or specific hot dog varieties as a test of applicant interest in the brand and the core offered product.

How to Tailor Your Responses

Answer each Nathan’s Famous interview question in a positive and enthusiastic manner that demonstrates a clear desire to work for the prominent chain of hot dog shops. At the end of the session, thank the hiring manager for the opportunity to participate in the Nathan’s Famous interview process.

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  1. Mike Riddick

    What should I not wear to the interview? Where would the place located? What time should I show up?


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