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Hiring process information for an interview at National Grid

National Grid Hiring Process

Due to the widespread presence of National Grid, applicants should encounter considerable opportunities for both entry-level and managerial work in the utility industry. In order to select candidates worthy of employment, the company employs a straightforward interview process to screen for open availability, personality traits, and the ability to adapt to stressful, fast-paced situations. The utility company often requires interviewees to meet with two or three different hiring representatives throughout the hiring process, though some entry-level jobs may only require one meeting.

Time from Application to Interview

Once an applicant submits the required forms, the utilities provider typically contacts eligible workers to schedule job interviews within a few weeks.

Preparing to Answer Interview Questions

Before interviewing, candidates should prepare appropriate questions for the interviewer, including inquiries about typical workdays, opportunities for advancement, and company training programs. Whenever possible, provide evidence of a strong work ethic and commitment to the position sought. Emphasize all technical skills or experience relevant to the desired job, as interview questions often focus on project prioritizations, multitasking abilities, and other competencies needed to carry out most utility jobs.

Standing Out from Competition

Wear professional clothing, make consistent eye contact with hiring managers, and end each interview with a firm handshake, thanking the interviewer for making time to meet. Follow up with hiring personnel at the end of the interview process, especially if offers of employment still remain.

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  1. Brandi Abrams

    I interviewed with them and took the test twice and never got any feedback as to why I was not hired.


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