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Almost 50 Neiman Marcus department stores support employment crews numbering in the thousands across the United States. Job hopefuls enjoy job security, as continued expansion opens the door for further opportunities.

Facts About Working at Neiman Marcus

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Neiman Marcus?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Product Specialist, Designated Sales Associate, Support Associate, Commissioned Sales Associate, Personal Shopper Assistant, Sales Associate Assistant, Coordinator, Loss Prevention Associate, Selling Department Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Business Manager, Supervisor, Director of Stores, Merchandise Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Neiman Marcus Job Opportunities

Founded in 1907, Neiman Marcus boasts a long tradition of serving the public elegant and fashionable department store items. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, the company offers in-store products in more than 20 states, while maintaining a website for shoppers outside storefront service areas. Job hopefuls populated across the country may find attractive employment options with the retail company in both entry-level and career-track possibilities. Often available as part-time roles to start, sales associate positions constitute a majority of job openings. Full-time roles become available for individuals displaying positive work ethics and interest in longevity with the company. Promotions into management offer long-term options for career seekers with increased salary options and work benefits.

Newly hired associates usually receive assignment to particular sections of stores after training. The assignments mostly depend on availability and individual strengths of applicants. Usual business hours begin around 10am and last until 10pm. Shift workloads depend on the time of day and customer volume. Managers generally rotate desirable hours among workers and alternate holiday duties. Flexible scheduling remains a perk of department store work, as employees regularly trade shifts. However, recently hired workers regularly calling off and requesting schedule rearrangements incur poor social standing within the company and become undesirable as employees. Open schedule availability remains the best way to grab attention from hiring managers and often results in job offers despite lack of experience.

Neiman Marcus Positions and Pay

Positions available frequently require age minimums of 18, while some allow 16-year-old applicants. Depending on hiring manager preferences, high school equivalencies may prove mandatory, as well. Associates must possess basic math and computer skills for hiring consideration. The following jobs remain available with great frequency:

Sales Associate

  • Sales associates aid customers by providing in-depth information on products available around respective departments in addition to finalizing purchases, giving directions to other departments, and providing product recommendations.
  • Each department requires workers to excel in customer service in order to maximize sales potential.
  • Additional daily responsibilities include resupplying inventory, learning new sales and promotions, and maintaining cleanly atmospheres.
  • Sales quotas may present problems for employees without sales aptitude; however, extensive training persists for each new associate.
  • Pay solely depends on commission.

Loss Prevention

  • Specialists in the loss prevention field identify shoplifters and reduce chances of theft.
  • Typical days involve observing customers through security cameras, interacting with patrons, and confronting shoplifters.
  • Attention to detail remains vital for associates interested in loss prevention, as investigations may take place to identify repeat offenders.
  • Company policy takes priority during confrontations to prevent lawsuits, so listening and comprehension skills outweigh physical abilities, in most cases.
  • While sometimes fast-paced due to counteracting shoplifters, a majority of time remains spent behind cameras or walking in observation of surroundings.
  • Workers enjoy pay scales ranging from $10.00 to $15.00 per hour.

Managing Staff

  • Department stores historically assign one manager to each department, while general managers oversee entire store operations.
  • Pay scales increase with responsibility.
  • While sales associates perform sales, managers must track sales and inventory stock.
  • Additional responsibilities include providing worker evaluations and disciplinary action when needed, hiring and training new staff, and setting work schedules.
  • Managers also motivate and supervise entry-level employees.
  • Salary packages for managers range from $30,000 to $80,000 yearly and include bonuses based on performance on the job.

Tips For Applying

Applicants seeking full- or part-time work may apply on the company website or within department store locations. For individuals seeking time-saving measures, applying online may speed the process by allowing submissions at multiple locations. However, applicants should speak to hiring managers directly in order to leave positive impressions. Paper forms persist as great ways to gain initial introductions with hiring managers. Candidates should dress professionally, as the department chain sells upscale merchandise. Impress hiring managers by researching company information and possessing adequate knowledge of positions desired.

Application Status

Application statuses remain easy to review for aspirants creating online profiles. Simply log in with a created user name and find previously submitted applications. Traditional paper forms require candidates to call or visit managers in person to check on the application process. When calling, a professional and friendly tone demonstrates social abilities and potential for working in the store. If following up in person, proper dress usually precedes an interview appointment. Job candidates should wait a period of two-to-three days before following up and anticipate a one-to-two week period before hearing about interviews.

Benefits of Working at Neiman Marcus

Eligibility varies depending on length of time with the company, position title, and location. Employees holding full-time statuses along with seniority over coworkers gain access to a full range of job benefits.

  • Highly sought 401(k) retirement plans remain available as well as financial-planning seminars.
  • Additional work benefits entail paid holiday and vacation packages, credit union membership, and education assistance.
  • Life and travel insurance remains accessible for interested parties, while future-thinking individuals may rest easy knowing short- and long-term disability coverage persists in case of unforeseen events.

Part-time individuals garner employment benefits as well, which includes healthcare packages, a computer purchase program, and discounts on store and catalogue merchandise. Neiman Marcus also offers employment benefits competing companies often withhold, such as domestic partner benefits, accidental death and personal loss insurance, adoption assistance, health and dependent care spending accounts, prenatal care programs, and a medical leave program.

Further Information on Neiman Marcus

Every Christmas season the upscale department store chain prints an advertisement called The Christmas Book. With price tags consistently totaling in the thousands for unique, decadent gifts, such as personalized slot-car race tracks ($300,000), expensive cars, and a $1 million jewel-encrusted toy tiger, The Christmas Book continues to awe consumers around the world. The money gained from the grandiose items support the charity interests of the prominent chain. Funding community-wide projects aimed at providing art education for youth populations, the company suggests art education enhances SAT scores and results in better communities.

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