Netflix Job Interview Questions & Tips

Favored Candidates

A leader in the online video rental and streaming industry, Netflix searches for potential employees who align with company values of high performance, freedom, and responsibility. Ideal candidates possess innovation and passion for providing customer service and technical support over phones as well as through online chats and social media. Applicants need to possess strong troubleshooting skills in multiple operating systems and gaming systems, strong oral and written communication skills, the capability to handle large volumes of contacts, and capability in working various schedules based on business demand.

Applying for Positions

Prior candidates cite multiple interview processes for customer service representatives; however, the hiring process always begins with submission of resumes through the company website or through applying with LinkedIn.

Pre-screen Phone Calls

Promising potential employees receive calls from human resources members, who give brief overviews of the positions available as well as ask basic questions pertaining to the jobs. Candidates should possess a working knowledge of Netflix services prior to the telephone screening. Applicants performing well in the phone sessions receive scheduling for onsite interviews.

One-on-one Interviews

The onsite interview process may occur as a set of multiple 1:1 interviews with various hiring management or through group-style interviews that prompt candidates to participate in cooperative activities. The interview route consisting of 1:1 sessions involves traditional questions normally asked of customer service representative applicants. As stated previously, hiring management looks for positive answers that reflect strong work ethics and the ability to thrive as part of a team.

Group Interviews

Netflix group-style interview sessions typically begin with a power-point presentation from team leaders. A 20-minute question-and-answer session ensues with each candidate afforded the opportunity to provide an answer. The team leaders then engage the group in "ice-breaker" sessions where applicants get paired together and evaluate the positive traits of a partner as well as what the partner could work on.

Wrapping up Group Interviews

The final exercise in the Netflix hiring process involves a hypothetical company as metaphor with a list of possible positions. The candidate group must cooperate in delegating which applicant performs what position. Prospects showing strong interpersonal skills and teamwork receive the strongest consideration. Hiring decisions are frequently made on-the-spot or shortly following the session.

General Interview Questions

Netflix interview questions typically concern topics relating to company products and services, adeptness for handling arduous customer situations, and abilities in working well in teams. Candidates may encounter prompts like:

  • Have you ever used Netflix? What did you like or dislike about the experience?
  • How do you normally deal with upset customers?
  • Tell me some traits about yourself that need improving.
Passionate and inspiring answers gain the most recognition from interviewers.

Drug Screening and Background Checks

If selected, potential employees must submit to a mandatory background check and illicit substance screening.

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