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One of the most recognizable shoe brands in the country, New Balance carries their reputation through hundreds of stores across the country, and each location looks for knowledgeable associates with passion for fitness and footwear. To find quality team members, the utilizes a standard interview process.

New Balance Job Interviews

Straightforward in nature, most New Balance stores conduct a one-on-one interview between a candidate and store manager. Questions are fairly brief and easy to comprehend, and topics often covered include job history and skills. Interviewers may ask questions regarding certain character strengths and weaknesses, such as a time when the applicant has overcome adversity and how to handle a certain situation or scenario. Essentially, applicants must persuade company interviewers why they would make a great addition to the New Balance team.


  • Drs. Rahman Kadang says:

    If I get a job at New Balance, may I promote it to other locations in Indonesia?
    Because I come from Indonesia.

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