Nicor Gas Job Interview Questions & Tips

Begin with Skills and Personality Assessments

Job seekers frequently interview at Nicor Gas to fill customer service, sales, and meter reading positions. Hiring procedures vary by position, but many associates cite completing a skills or personality assessment at the onset of the employment process. Human resource personnel typically review applicant results and reach out to likely candidates to conduct a phone interview. After successful phone screening, applicants receive invitations to attend face-to-face meetings at branch offices.

Question-Answer Interview Sessions

Typically administered by branch managers, interviews consist of question-and-answer sessions covering personal, situational, and technical inquiries pertaining to the anticipated position. While situational and technical questions depend on the job title desired, more personal inquiries may include, "What are your strong suits?" and "Why do you want to work in the utilities industry?"

Additional Meetings

Applicants who perform well during initial face-to-face meetings often interview at company headquarters. Final interviews resemble initial hiring sessions in format, and applicants often receive job offers upon completion. Applicants may submit to drug testing and criminal background investigations before starting work with the gas company.


Employment hopefuls should prepare for the interview by studying the company vision, values, and culture. Additional preparation tactics include researching common interview questions, updating resumes to give hiring staff, and brushing up on technical abilities necessary for the job.

What to Wear

Plan to arrive at the interview location several minutes before the scheduled meeting time, and wear appropriate interview attire. Entry-level applicants often wear business-casual attire, while upper-level candidates may want to boast more professional garb.

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