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Nine West originated as a fashion footwear brand in Manhattan, NY, in 1978. Selling to over 70 countries, the prominent apparel company hires talented and stylish individuals for full-time and part-time retail positions to staff nearly 800 global locations.

Facts About Working at Nine West

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Nine West?)

Available Positions: Associate Buyer, Textile Assistant, Import Manager, Designer, Design Director, Intern, Costing Assistant, Production Assistant, Associate Planner, Associate Account Executive, Administrative Assistant, Warehouse Associate, Sales Associate, Production Manager, Design Director, Assistant Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Nine West Job Opportunities

Immensely popular shoe lines allow Nine West to expand into handbags, jewelry, belts, cold weather accessories, hats, and eyewear. The high-end fashion franchise draws vast numbers of shoppers per year, which requires a steady base of workers. Most jobs persist in upbeat and classy retail environments. Employees operate in friendly, efficient, and organized manners to inform customers about various product lines. Sales persons must remain knowledgeable, analytical, and competent as floor-sets change frequently between seasons. Flexible scheduling allows students and individuals looking to supplement income the ability to partake in part-time or seasonal work.

Nine West achieves success through cooperation and communication. Employees build personal relationships with customers and other team members to ensure the achievement of store-wide sales goals. Monthly coaching paired with periodic cross-training keeps retail associates up-to-date on proper sales methods and current offerings. Sales floor workers gain valuable experience through self-development, thorough training, and hands-on opportunities with products. Motivated individuals also find room for growth within the company into managerial roles.

Nine West Employment and Wages Information

The shoe and accessory company believes positive attitudes establish fun atmospheres. Workers must possess friendly and helpful traits and assist shoppers with any requests. Nine West also values associates who maintain knowledge about current celebrity and fashion trends. Interested individuals 16 and older with reliable transportation may consider applying for the following retail store job openings:

Sales Associate

  • Sales associates continuously adapt to dynamic environments regarding current fashion trends and projections of future styles.
  • Retail employees possess creative, driven, and passionate personalities.
  • Heavy interaction between fellow workers and customers requires vast knowledge about fashion and similar product offerings.
  • Pampering clientele and suggesting complementary items to shoppers represents a majority of duties.
  • Salespersons also must display good taste when dressing for work, as customers want to buy from individuals who know how to dress.
  • Pay for sales associates varies by location and retail experience but averages between $9.00 and $13.00 hourly.

Store Manager

  • Responsible for every aspect of a store, managers maintain sales levels, staff development, merchandising, and expenses.
  • Successful supervisors serve as ambassadors for the brand.
  • Workers must exemplify strong leadership qualities in order to perform at optimal levels.
  • Store managers must also work independently, prioritize responsibilities, multitask with urgency, and provide feedback for associates.
  • Candidates must possess high school diplomas and two years of supervisory experience.
  • Managers earn salary options between $33,000 and $54,000 annually with potential for commissions.

Tips For Applying

Interested job hopefuls may apply online; however, candidates should turn in resumes shortly before or after submitting hiring forms to demonstrate added interest in working for the shoe store, as persistence may improve odds of employment. Individuals should prepare and research Nine West product lines and current fashion trends. Candidates should arrive early and dress professionally, preferably in brand clothing. Developed sales techniques boost chances, as well. Applicants should also signify open availability pertaining to weekends, holidays, and occasional midnight product releases.

Application Status

Most applicants wait a few days to a few months to hear back from the popular shoe retailer, depending on hiring needs. Employment seekers may consider applying multiple times to show initiative and passion for the brand. Persistence in follow up calls or in-store visits demonstrates initiative and desire to work for the chain, as well.

Benefits of Working for Nine West

Workers enjoy trendy and classy environments as well as job benefit packages including a 40% discount, flexible hours, and a healthy work/life balance. Other employment benefits involve room for growth, early store closing hours, and establishing meaningful relationships with customers and coworkers. Full-time associates may also enjoy:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Medical insurance
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Paid vacation, and
  • Paid time off.

Extra Information on Nine West

Nine West created Soles4Souls in 2009, a charity aiding the needy worldwide. The organization accepts new and gently used footwear from retailers, pro-bono movements, and individuals alike. Soles4Souls ships shoes directly to people in need and distributed more than 4 million pairs to people in over 70 countries in recent years.

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