Nine West Interview Questions & Tips

Company Overview

Fashionable footwear retailer Nine West looks for personable, trend-focused workers to join the team. With positions for sales associates and managers, the store needs talent in sales and leadership. Job interviews are formal and specific for each job title. In every interview, the company looks for shoe lovers that ensure excellent customer care.

Common Sales Associate Interview Questions

A sales associate interview process may consist of one or two interviews. Most interviews are held 1:1 with assistant managers or store managers. Interviews usually begin with basic questions like:

  • "Why do you want to work for Nine West?"
  • "What experience do you have?"
  • "What are your best qualities?"
  • "Why should you be hired on as a sales associate?"
  • "How do you keep up with the latest shoe and clothing trends?"
Hiring managers also ask applicants to role-play and to sell them shoes.

Management Interviews

Managerial candidates with Nine West usually need to participate in two or three interviews. Interviews typically cover topics like customer satisfaction, labor management, and reaching sales goals. Questions are largely behavioral, and some examples include:

  • "How do you motivate team members?"
  • "Tell me about a time you had to bend the rules to satisfy an unhappy guest."
A Nine West management interview usually concludes with salary negotiations.

How to Stand Out

Arrive a few minutes early to the job interview. Dress business-casual and, if possible, wear shoes sold at Nine West stores. Hiring managers often give preferential treatment to applicants who show passion for the company. For each interview question, provide a complete, concise, and well-thought-out response. Bring up any experience possessed in the footwear industry. At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for the opportunity.

Following Up After the Interview

A few days following the interview, call the interviewer and inquire about the status of the position. Remain persistent and show a strong interest in the job.


  • mersedeh sheybani says:

    i need e job i like work at nine west stores my last job was cashier&seller at nike store

  • norma nevarez says:

    Im looking for a job the i like. nine west is something i wear and i like. the last job i had was at subway. i used to count the money, help with the inventory, do the drops. i was a shift leader.

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