Ninety Nine Interview Tips

Preparing for the Interview Process

Candidates hoping to gain employment with Ninety Nine must successfully complete the job interview. To ensure a smooth interview, job seekers should study the company prior to the interview. Candidates want to go into the job interview with a strong knowledge of company history, branding, and menu items. In addition to company knowledge, job hopefuls should practice answers to common interview questions. Applicants should be prepared to answer questions about past experience, ability to work in a team, strengths and weaknesses, and interest in the company. After practicing answers, job hopefuls should think of some questions to ask during interviews. Appropriate subjects to inquire about include company culture and advancement opportunities.

One-on-One Interviews

Hourly positions at Ninety Nine, like line cook, server, host, and bartender, feature simple interview processes. Most hourly position interviews last between 15 and 20 minutes and feature common interview questions. Interviews are 1:1 with an assistant manager or store manager. Careers in management, such as general manager, assistant manager, and kitchen manager, feature more in-depth interview processes. Typically, the interview process for managerial applicants includes two or three interviews with district managers and recruitment personnel. Managerial candidates may also need to pass phone screenings and skills tests.

How to Make a Good Impression

Applicants need to arrive early to job interviews ready to make good impressions. Job seekers looking for cook, busser, and dishwasher positions should dress business-casual for interviews. Applicants interviewing for server or management positions should wear professional attire. All applicants need to exhibit positive attitudes and enthusiasm. Ninety Nine is committed to its motto, "A Passion to Serve," and job seekers should focus on customer care. Candidates should provide complete and concise responses to all interview questions and make sure to demonstrate confidence in answers. When interviews conclude, job hopefuls need to thank interviewers and show desire to work for the company.

Follow Up

A few days later, applicants should call Ninety Nine and inquire about job statuses. The hiring process often favors persistent applicants.

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