NiSource Interview Questions & Tips

Company Overview

A utilities company providing gas and electric distribution, NiSource searches for potential employees aligning with the company values of teamwork, transparency, dependability, and respect. The company currently offers a wide variety of positions in the customer service and skilled-trades sectors. Customer support roles include customer service, quality assurance, collections, billing, and training. Skilled-trade roles include utility technician, field technician, utility operator, heavy equipment operator, and compressor station operator. Each position within the field requires unique skill sets and lists of requirements for applicants to meet. Candidates should take an adequate amount of time looking over the various jobs available before applying.

How to Prepare

Once candidates determine the positions of interest and submit the required hiring materials, a waiting period ensues of a week or more. Candidates should take time to learn about the corporation, the methods of operation, and the NiSource Charitable Foundation in the meantime. Candidates may find the knowledge beneficial during the interview process. Applicants then receive contact from a member of human resources who outlines the details of the position, asks a small number of preliminary questions, and schedules a telephone interview for a future date.

What to Expect During the Interview Process

The way the company conducts the telephone interview varies according to the position in question. Customer support applicants should expect to field questions regarding previous experience in the field as well as inquiries designed to assess abilities in handling various types of customer situations. Interviewers screen candidates for levels of enthusiasm and likeliness to take initiative. Skilled-trade candidates, conversely, should expect the majority of questions to concentrate on capability to perform the work, with some questions involving job history and certifications. The interviewer may screen candidates in the skilled-trade category for general conduct in the workplace. If the interviewer deems an applicant suitable, an onsite interview is scheduled at the conclusion of the call, or through a separate call or email.

What to Wear

Skilled-trade candidates should consider suitable work attire free of rips and stains, while customer support applicants may benefit from a more corporate appearance.

Tips for Success

All candidates should come to the interview with a resume or work-history equivalent along with any paper copies of relevant certifications. When meeting the interviewer, offer a firm handshake and appropriate greeting and engage in small-talk if prompted. Stay mindful of posture and remain attentive to everything the interviewer says. Questions posed in the in-person interview often bear resemblance to inquiries from the phone interview, thus, candidates should remain consistent when providing answers. At the conclusion of the session, express thanks to the interviewer and inquire about the best method of future correspondence with the company. Potential employees usually receive hiring decisions within a week or less, which remain contingent upon the successful passing of a background check and drug-screening.

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