Noodles and Company Interview Questions & Tips

Navigating the Hiring Process

Noodles & Company oversees a relatively straightforward interview process. After applying for employment, job seekers usually wait up to two weeks for a hiring manager to call and set up an interview. Interviews are typically structured as either a one-on-one meeting with restaurant management or as a panel interview conducted by a combination of assistant, general, and area managers. Candidates generally interview with the company one time, though most management and some entry-level positions require further interviewing to complete the hiring process. Ordinarily very thorough, interviews can last for as long as an hour in duration.

Common Interview Questions

Interviewers often start by asking applicants why they want to work at Noodles & Company. Hiring managers also ask questions to see if interviewees are familiar with and passionate about the brand, like:

  • "What is your favorite meal on the menu?"
Other questions frequently asked during the interview process include behavioral ones, such as:
  • "How have you dealt with rude customers in the past?"
  • "Tell me about a time when you delivered excellent customer service."
In addition to standard behavioral questions about handling stressful situations and conflicts, interviews regularly feature more casual discussions regarding availability, hobbies, and long-term career plans.

How to Stand Out

The award-winning fast-casual restaurant chain hires energetic, customer-focused associates. Responses to Noodles & Company interview questions should show an enthusiastic attitude and a passion for helping customers. Answer all questions in a positive light, especially if asked about former employers, coworkers, or clients. Take some time before the interview to study the menu and become familiar with a few notable dishes and with the restaurant concept in general. Maintain an image of professionalism by dressing up for the interview and providing concise yet complete answers to all questions. At the end of the meeting, express appreciation for the opportunity to interview and contact the store a few days later to inquire about hiring status.


  • Suzy says:

    You can earn heath insurance in MI after so many hours of working there or one year of service to the company.

  • Paula says:

    What I should I wear to an interview with Noodles & Company? and Should I bring anything with me?

  • Marie says:

    I have been interviewing for management with Noodles & Co. for about 2 months now. I have interviewed with 7 people and still no answers. I am getting tired and I am getting frustrated with this whole process . If I am called in for another interview I will have to politely decline. The stress they are putting me through may just be giving me a preview into what working for them may be like.

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