Norwegian Cruise Line Interview Questions & Tips

Extensive Hiring Process

Popular travel company Norwegian Cruise Lines maintains a fleet of more than a dozen ships and accommodates thousands of guests annually. Operations the size and scope of the cruise line require immense numbers of workers. Interested job seekers may find viable employment opportunities in various career areas aboard cruise ships. The hiring process takes workers through stringent examinations, including face-to-face interviews, drug screening, background checks, and skills assessments. Immediately following formal hiring procedures, successful candidates must obtain valid passports and undergo immunization for various airborne and blood-borne illnesses.

Phone Interviews

The interview process begins with a phone interview to review applicant information with prospective candidates. HR representatives usually conduct phone interviews. The initial phone interview serves as a general point of reference for hiring officials to gauge basic personality traits.

Short Face-to-Face Interviews

If invited to subsequent rounds of interviews, applicants generally meet with would-be supervisors and managers. A typical worker sits through two job interviews during the hiring process. Each interview takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Norwegian Cruise Lines also regularly uses job fairs to hire on employees for career areas like housekeeping, hospitality, and a wide range of restaurant jobs.

How to Make a Good Impression

Casual attitudes typically limit candidates during the Norwegian Cruise Lines interview process. Applicants must exude peppy, motivated, and dedicated personalities in order to gain employment. Attention to detail serves workers exceptionally well as a character trait. Job hopefuls should demonstrate committed work ethics and overall desires to assist others and follow orders. Individuals who go above and beyond on the job, whether verbally engaging with patrons or in actual services provided, make for ideal candidates. Use previous work history or personal interests and hobbies to show commitment to providing excellent service and dedication to all assigned, and unassigned, tasks.

Possible Interview Questions

Hiring representatives often use interview questions to unearth various personality traits. Applicants may respond to interview questions which see whether workers could handle the pressures of working in sometimes high-stress, high-anxiety job settings, like:

  • "What are some of the biggest mistakes you've made in life and how did you rebound from them?"
Other questions may include:
  • "How would a previous employer describe your efforts on the job?"
  • "Why do you want to work for us?"
  • "Are you prepared to stay aboard a ship for up to nine months or more at a time?"
  • The amount of time spent at sea by the average employee often serves as a crucial talking point. Provide honest responses and genuinely express and communicate any and all concerns at all times throughout the Norwegian Cruise Lines interview process.


    • Isabela tunea says:

      This my first time attending a criuse ship interview.
      Any suggestions on what to wear ?


      This my first time attending a cruise ship interview.
      Any suggestions on what to wear?

    • deanne says:

      How soon will I get call for the job?

    • Rochel says:

      Are they conducting job interviews via phone patch?

    • sheldon augustine says:

      what is the appropriate dress code for the interview?

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