O’Charley’s Interview Questions & Tips

Navigating the Hiring Process

Though generally varying by position, the O'Charley's interview process largely remains simple and to the point. Entry-level applicants typically interview with restaurant managers one-on-one in brief question-and-answer sessions held onsite. Completion of a single job interview usually serves as the only major requirement for gaining entry-level employment with the regional restaurant chain.

Questions for Entry-Level Candidates

Interviewees sit with an O'Charley's hiring manager and respond to basic questions often including:

  • "Why do you want this position in particular?"
  • "What type of worker are you?"
  • "How effective are you at multitasking under pressure?"
O'Charley's interviewers sometimes request applicants make impromptu sales pitches and evaluate specific job-related skills by asking interview questions like:
  • "How would you upsell this menu item?"

What to Expect During Managerial Interviews

While entry-level interviews largely focus on issues and skills related to the specific position, managerial interviewees typically contend with questions pertaining to all aspects of working in a restaurant. Prospective managers usually need to complete multiple one-on-one interviews headed by O'Charley's restaurant or corporate management.

Questions for Management Candidates

Candidates generally spend the earlier stages of the hiring process fielding popular O'Charley's interview questions like:

  • "How would you describe your style of management?"
  • "What do you like about food/customer service?"
  • "What type of cooking do you prefer?"
The final phase of the O'Charley's interview process for aspiring managers normally entails observing daily operations at a given restaurant location and interacting with current employees.

What to Wear

Entry-level applicants looking for busser and cook jobs should wear casual office attire to O'Charley's interviews. Job seekers interviewing for customer-facing roles, like server and manager, should dress more formally.

Tips for Success

Exhibit the attitude interviewers desire in employees by clearly showing enthusiasm for the job, a passion for working in the restaurant industry, and a customer-focused mindset. Make sure to bring up any past work experiences and professional accomplishments relevant to the desired job. Thank the hiring manager at the end of O'Charley's interviews and show continued interest in the position by following up within the week.


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    What should we wear to the interview if nwe are applying for a cook postion, and what leve of education should we have to apply for the job

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    I would like to work in O’Charley’s Restaurants.

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