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Office Max stands as one of the most prominent stationary and office supplies retailers in the United States. Jobs available with the massive network of stores include traditional entry-level and career-level sales, customer service, and managerial positions.

Facts About Working at OfficeMax

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at OfficeMax?)

Available Positions: Retail Store Associate, Cashier, Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Store Furniture Associate, Furniture Specialist, Technology Sales Specialist, Impress Associate, Department Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Account Executive, Business Development Manager, Field Loss Prevention Manager, Lead Project Manager, Retail Furniture Account Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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OfficeMax Job Opportunities

As a major supplier of office furniture and accessories, the retail chain constantly needs to hire motivated and knowledgeable individuals to provide services, such as customer service, stocking, and supervision. The growing chain consists of roughly 1,000 stores nationwide and looks to further expand in coming years. Applicants may easily find work with the retailer in major cities, suburban areas, and shopping centers located in downtown districts of smaller, rural communities. Job seekers may also find employment opportunities in shipping and logistics positions related to the popular online store maintain by the company, as well.

Printers, computers, tablets, chargers, connector cables, lamps, calculators, and other digital accessories comprise a majority of OfficeMax sales. While locations also sell furniture, paper, pens, pencils, file folders, filing cabinets, and general stationary supplies, the retailer often looks for savvy individuals able to troubleshoot most modern technologies. However, applicants should demonstrate the ability to explain and offer recommendations for all products within each store and memorize store layouts to better assist patrons, in general. Communication skills prove highly desirable among potential employees as well as the ability to perform mild-to-moderate manual labor stocking shelves and unloading shipment trucks.

OfficeMax Employment Information

Applicants as young as 16 may begin meaningful careers with OfficeMax. The giant chain of office supply retailers consistently looks for high school and college kids to fill available entry-level roles in addition to hiring experienced individuals to assume managerial positions. Job seekers should possess open availability and friendly, attentive personalities. Employment opportunities suited for motivated applicants include:

Sales Associate

  • The most widely available position at OfficeMax stores, sales associate jobs routinely involve greeting patrons, explaining products and services, resolving customer issues, handling returns and transactions, and stocking shelves.
  • Applicants should feel comfortable remaining busy and carrying out remedial tasks throughout given shifts.
  • The entry-level job usually features part-time hours and minimum wage starting pay.
  • Workers may advance into full-time roles offering $8.00 to $9.00 an hour over time.


  • Like most retail cashiers, OfficeMax cashiers work checkout aisles and process transactions on computerized point-of-sales machines.
  • Standing, mild lifting, and engaging with customers prove the most regular responsibilities of cashier employees.
  • The job may also entail minor sales and stocking duties.
  • Workers employed in the position must recommend the company rewards program during checkout, as well.
  • A typical cashier earns minimum wage and moves into higher pay scales of $8.00 to $9.00 hourly with experience.


  • Career opportunities begin with impress supervisor positions and range up to assistant store manager and store manager jobs.
  • Impress associates or supervisors act as key holders and lead opening and closing procedures.
  • Managers also carry out administrative inventory, scheduling, and payroll processing duties.
  • Supervision and motivation of entry-level team members remain pivotal to the positions, as well.
  • Job seekers must generally hold high school diplomas and some experience in management or in retail settings, preferably office supplies retail or related industries.
  • Impress supervisors may work part-time or full-time, with hours usually taking place in the early morning or late evening to perform closing/opening tasks.
  • Assistant managers and store managers typically work full-time, though schedules may vary between week and weekend hours.
  • Hourly pay scales between $9.00 and $10.00 prove typical for impress managers, while assistant managers and store managers earn annual salary options beginning around $30,000 and rising to more than $55,000.

Tips For Applying

As a chain involved in the regular hiring of high school and college students, OfficeMax prefers to hire individuals with open schedules or the ability to work irregular hours. In the section provided on the application, show open availability and communicate abilities to work nights, weekends, and even holidays to hiring personnel. Workers may submit employment forms online or in person. Putting in applications at preferred locations may speed up the hiring process, as managers often interview candidates on the spot.

Application Status

After creating accounts to log in to the online application system, workers complete each section of the form and then hit submit. Applicants may call back to check on the status of applications after submitting the necessary materials. Most qualifying workers receive confirmations of submissions and calls to interview within a week or two of sending in the appropriate documents. Calling a desired location may serve as a viable option to check application status if workers receive no phone calls or emails within two weeks.

Benefits of Working at OfficeMax

Young people working for the office supplies chain often benefit from building real-world experience to use on resumes for future jobs. The retailer also offers competitive base pay, generous salary options, and access to work benefits packages. Typical job benefits available to eligible associates include:

  • Employee assistance programs
  • Paid time off
  • Disability coverage and life insurance options
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Healthcare plans, and
  • Flexible spending accounts.

Workers must generally assume full-time status in order to qualify for employment benefits packages.

Additional Information on OfficeMax

In 2013, OfficeMax received distinction as an ethical corporate entity. Ethisphere Institute, an organization devoted to establishing ethical business practices in corporate operations, deemed the office supplies retailer as one of the most ethical companies worldwide. The retailer also received the distinction in 2012 and maintains full certification for inside corporate governance practices through international ethics organization.

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