Old Country Buffet Interview Questions & Tips

Navigating the Interview Process

Buffet chain Old Country Buffet is known for quality food and exceptional service, with both provided through skilled team members. In order to staff capable employees, the restaurant screens applicants through in-store interviews. Typically, the eatery interviews are held one-on-one with a store manager or with a panel of managers. In most cases, applicants need to pass two separate interviews before being considered for jobs. On average, an interview lasts about 20 minutes.

What to Expect During the Hiring Process

The hiring process proves relaxed and hiring managers ask simple, straightforward interview questions. Most questions are specific to the desired job title. Server and cashier job interviews typically involve questions regarding customer care. Cook interviews include questions about food preparation and kitchen equipment. Management job hopefuls often answer questions about store operations and labor management. Though questions may vary for each job interview, Old Country Buffet looks for motivation, dedication, and enthusiasm in every applicant.

Tips for Success

During an job interview, demonstrate professionalism and drive to achieve. Guest service is of the utmost importance at Old Country Buffet. Show a passion to serve guests, drive to exceed expectations, and willingness to treat each guest like extended family. Additionally, show a genuine desire to work for the company.

How to Stand out

Applicants with experience in the restaurant industry may gain preferential treatment from hiring managers. Open availability also benefits candidates. Provide positive and upbeat answers to Old Country Buffet interview questions at all times. Maintain consistent eye contact and exude confidence throughout the interview process.

Follow Up

A few days after the final Old Country Buffet interview, call or email the hiring manager to check on the status of the job and to express gratitude for the opportunity.


  • Mo says:

    When should I expect a call back?

  • Mo says:

    What does average grade mean on the application?

  • caprisha norfleet says:

    could you be 16years of age and still work here?

  • Michael Trinh says:

    yes you can be 16 years of age.

  • zikita says:

    i did an application for old country buffet i never got a call, what do i do?

  • David m. Carvalho says:

    I have a genuine desire to work for Old Country Buffet. I know its a dependable job. I would like to have this opportunity, because I am dependable too.

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