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Company Overview

One of the most recognizable restaurant chains in the country, Olive Garden hires new workers constantly to maintain optimal staffing levels at more than 780 locations nationwide. The extensive network of Olive Garden restaurants continuously offers employment opportunities ranging from entry-level host, line cook, and server positions to professional restaurant management careers.

Scheduling an Interview

How long until you get notified?
After applying for Olive Garden jobs, prospective workers typically wait an average of one to two weeks before receiving notification of an impending job interview. Some applicants receive word of an Olive Garden interview the day after submitting the materials needed to initiate the hiring process, while other candidates, especially managerial ones, sometimes spend up to three months awaiting initial contact.

Job seekers applying for employment at certain Olive Garden locations are occasionally instructed to call the restaurant and set up the interview personally.

Initial Phone Screening

While entry-level interviewees almost always meet with Olive Garden hiring managers face-to-face, managerial applicants usually encounter phone interviews to start. The first Olive Garden interview for aspiring managers may even take place online, via webcam, with a human resources representative or recruiter. After passing the initial screening, candidates seeking management positions generally complete two or three more interviews in-person to finalize the Olive Garden hiring process.

Multiple Face-to-Face Meetings

Each applicant participating in the Olive Garden interview process ultimately ends up meeting with a hiring manager multiple times. Potential employees must typically complete two or three Olive Garden interviews in order to work for the Italian-inspired restaurant chain. Olive Garden hiring managers usually interview job seekers one-on-one or as part of a panel, accompanied by another manager.

What to Expect During the interview Process

A majority of Olive Garden interview sessions take place onsite at specified restaurant locations. Applicants often go on a tour of the Olive Garden restaurant as part of the interview process. The Olive Garden interview process frequently includes ethics tests and personality assessments, as well. Successful interviewees are normally subject to background checks and drug testing before starting Olive Garden jobs.

Common Interview Questions

When interviewing entry-level job seekers, Olive Garden hiring managers consistently ask general questions, such as:

Availability also serves as a popular topic of discussion, with prospective Olive Garden associates sometimes having to list hours available for work on a form provided at the interview. Candidates often need to prove ability to promote Olive Garden menu items by describing a dish in as much detail as possible, as well.

Generally lengthy, Olive Garden interviews for managers regularly last an hour or longer, with some applicants interviewing for up to three hours at one time.

One of the most prominent fixtures in the fast food industry, Dairy Queen provides thousands of job seekers opportunities in entry-level and professional capacities. Dairy Queen manager job hopefuls serve as administrative and disciplinary backbones of the company at restaurant locations. Typical job duties include hiring and training workers, delegating daily tasks, driving sales, ensuring customer satisfaction, and ordering food inventories and supplies. Managerial positions include minimum age requirements of 18 for employment consideration. The ability to work and adapt quickly benefits prospective Dairy Queen managers due to the fast-paced nature of the job. Other hiring requirements revolve around demonstrative personalities, effective delegation skills, and professional demeanors.

Salary and Compensation
Dairy Queen manager jobs exist in assistant manager and restaurant manager capacities. Assistant managers and shift managers often work part-time. Average pay for Dairy Queen assistant manager positions falls between $8.00 and $12.00 per hour, depending on experience. Dairy Queen restaurant managers receive annual salary options generally beginning around $30,000 and increasing to more than $60,000 a year. Pay scales often reflect experience and location. Dairy Queen also provides eligible associates comprehensive employment benefits packages featuring tuition reimbursement, 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, and healthcare options.

Insider Tips

We talk to former employees about working for Olive Garden.

Olive Garden Host Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Olive Garden Hostess: At Olive Garden, I was a hostess, so basically I came in… we had a lead hostess, so she basically delegated responsibilities, and we would seat people and just greet guests.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
Olive Garden Hostess: Really upbeat, fast-paced. We were busier on the weekends. On the weekdays, during lunchtime, it was a little slower. Really diverse staff, so I really liked that. It was really friendly people.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Olive Garden Hostess: I did an online application, and then I got a, I think it was, email or phone call for an interview, and then came in and met with the manager. Just a face-to-face interview.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
Olive Garden Hostess: They just asked about what I knew about the company, how I handle high-stress situations, how I interact with people. Just pretty general things about being a people-person.

Interviewer: What set you apart from other candidates?
Olive Garden Hostess: At the time, I think maybe my experience because I hosted at another restaurant. I think mostly just me being outgoing and open to learning new things, being flexible. That’s definitely a big thing within the restaurant world. I think just me having that overall holistic qualities of someone who would greet people.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Olive Garden Hostess: I definitely say do a little research on the company. Employers love when you know about the company. Dress business casual. Make sure that they know that they want the job first of all, and make sure they look like they want the job, so they can portray that to the employer that they really do care.

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  • Letty says:

    I want to apply to be a cook at olive garden. I graduated from le cordon bleu and I want to know what kinds of question do they ask when you apply for a cook? Please someone help me.

  • gary corshia says:

    I work there so dont be afraid of the questions it’s more of a personality based questionnaire kitchen is well organized and fun to work in only down side is the company darden restaurants that owns the brand seems to be a on shaky ground they cut the salary of all the bussers and bartenders to 5.00 an hr

  • Biswajyoti Ghosh says:

    I have an upcoming interview with one of the Regional Managers as regarding Management Positions (Restaurant).

    Kindly give me the tips as of what is accepted as well as the approach while appearing for
    the interview.

    Thank you


  • Holly says:

    You don’t need any experience to be a cook, actually. A friend of mine applied there and went into the interview expecting a hostess/waitress position, told them she was going to culinary school in the fall, and they gave her the job as a line cook. In less than four months she is now a sautee chef.

  • Leah says:

    I’m interested in a server position with and am curious as to what someone with my experience should expect or submit for salary requirements. The extent of my experience was a seasonal server position that I held for 6 months in 2008.

  • shaquana says:

    I have a interview for hostess does anyone know what kind of question they ask?

  • Daisy says:

    They asked “explain a situation where you and your manager had a dissagreement” and “what have you done to go out of your way to please a customer” and they always ask if you have questions for them so think of at least 3. They ask what your responsibilities were in your past jobs ect..

  • mexican. ma says:

    I just applied online for a job position and should I call to get a job interview?

  • Devin McClain says:

    I just had an interview with Darden for a server position. They asked what the most difficult guest experience that I have ever had to deal with. They also asked what was the best situation that I have delt with. A lot of questions about me and why I chose Darden. They like to talk about the company so if you did some research on the company before interviewing you could impress with that. Good luck. I have my interview with the GM shortly. Hope it helps.

  • Robens pierre louis says:

    i just applied for a job position. should i call to get a job interview?

  • PJ says:

    DON’T call the restaurant and ask about the status of your application. All the applications are done online as well as a questionnaire. The managers will not see them unless they NEED to pull applications. After completing, the management team interested in interviewing you will contact you on an as needed basis. Example: They need more servers, they pull all applications for servers off the database and begin setting up interviews 1 on 1 with a manager. Try not to apply for every position in the restaurant. This looks like desperation. If you have experience in a particular area, apply for that and wait to see if you are contacted. You may also apply one time on the website and select multiple restaurant concepts (OG, Red Lobster, Longhorn, etc) at the same time. So applying for a server position at once for all those restaurants near you is a snap. Also, front of house: no visible tattoos or piercings. Good Luck!

  • MCS says:

    I recieved an e-mail request to call the manager at my local OG for job interview – it’s tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚ Do not call them unless it is to check on hiring status a few days after initial interview.

  • Jenny says:

    If you just applied, don’t call. managers won’t see the application at all unless they look it up at a need-to-hire basis. They’ll email you if there is an opening and if they are interested in hiring you. It might take a while. I applied a couple weeks back, and the Olive Garden in my area only just emailed me about a server position. I have an interview tomorrow! Wish me luck!

  • Kaitlin says:

    I have an interview with OG tomorrow for a server/sales person. I am so nervouse and I’m not sure what to say. I saw someone post that I should go dressed in a shirt and tie, is that necessary? And should I wear high heels? I and wearing a hire tank under a nice black top with sleek black dress pants. Am I too overboard and pushing this out of context? Please let me know of you have tips for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rhondalisa says:

    My interview for the Hostess position is on Wednesday and I feel confident on knowing what to expect based on the useful commentary on this website. Also experience in past restaurant jobs I believe I will come out victorious in my quest to become a member of the Olive Garden Team!

  • arlene says:

    I applied online and a month later i got a response to call them cause they accepted my application. I called and had an appointment for an interview. After meeting with them they showed me the restaurant then told me i would receive a call back for my 2nd interview. Does this mean i am hired or am i not getting that call back?

  • Jackie says:

    What all do I need to bring to an interview

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