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Omni Hotels and Resorts operates 60 locations scattered across North America, with approximately 18,000 associates working to promote the success of the company. The continued growth of the hotel chain promises prime employment options for both career and entry-level job seekers.

Facts About Working at Omni Hotels & Resorts

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Omni Hotels And Resorts?)

Available Positions: Guest Services Associate, Housekeeper, Laundry Attendant, Booking Agent, Room Waiter, Accountant, Board Bartender, Property Operations/Maintenance Technician, Front Desk Agent, Front Desk Clerk, Director Of Security, Door Attendant, Driver, Spa Attendant, Food Server, Prep Cook, Line Cook, Sous Chef, Cocktail Server, General Maintenance Engineer, Hotel Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Omni Hotels and Resorts Job Opportunities

Hospitality businesses supply ample, diverse job opportunities. Omni Hotels and Resorts proudly advertises available opportunities and consistently wins awards detailing the first-class treatment of employees. In 2014, Forbes magazine ranked the chain in the top 5 best travel companies to work for. Job openings within the elegant hotel chain include cook, wait staff, bartender, housekeeper, and managerial roles. Morning, day, and night shift availability options coincide with part- and full-time offerings. Advancement potential also remains a popular draw for dedicated workers.

The luxury hotel chain hosts web pages devoted to proper customer service, which ranks as a number one priority of operations. Aspirants wishing to gain an edge over competition should read through the missions and values found in the webpages. A few tips within the website include using customer names when possible, perpetual smiling, and bending the rules within reason for guest benefits. Applicants also gain recruiter favor by offering open schedule availability. Senior workers likely do not work holidays and nights, so applicants should expect to cover such shifts. Newly hired employees must undergo a 90-day assessment period, after which Omni Hotels provides raises and promises permanent positioning within the company.

Omni Hotels & Resorts Openings and Pay

Although 16 represents the minimum working age for the hotel, higher minimum employee age requirements exist for some positions. A few roles require varying degrees of experience and certifications, such as high school equivalents or food handling certifications. However, the most accessible positions sit listed below:

Valet Attendant

  • The company emphasizes valets control the first and last minutes of customer experiences.
  • Customer service ability remains highly sought by hiring managers.
  • Valets must possess valid driver’s licenses, insurance, and meet the minimum age requirement of 21.
  • Ideal candidates possess clean driving records and demonstrate the ability to drive both automatic and manual vehicles.
  • Daily duties entail the efficient, safe parking and retrieval of customer vehicles, prompt assistance with luggage, and relaying of desirable social information upon request.
  • Physical demands include standing for eight hours at a time, lifting up to 50 pounds, and withstanding inclement weather, such as snow, rain, or extreme heat.
  • Valet positions usually pay under minimum wage with the expectation of tips.


  • Outgoing, people-loving individuals excel at the front desk position.
  • Concierges often arrange bookings, assist with meal reservations and transportation, placate dissatisfied guests, and facilitate special requests.
  • Attendants must also stand throughout shifts, possess strong knowledge of Microsoft Office, and remain knowledgeable of surrounding popular attractions.
  • Applicants gain favor from hiring managers by dressing impeccably and displaying professional, likable characteristics.
  • Workers report hourly wages beginning from $9.00 and potentially rising to $15.00 with occasional tips.


  • Bellmen typically earn around minimum wage and receive tips for services rendered.
  • Applicants must stand at least 21 years of age and possess superior interpersonal skills.
  • Duties include the maintenance of public hotel environments, proper use of bell carts to transport guest luggage, and meeting the satisfaction of customer needs.
  • Bellmen sometimes assist front desk attendants by securing transportation services or making reservations for guests.
  • Additional duties handed down from management comprise the remainder of responsibility.

Tips For Applying

Candidates may apply online via the company website. The website requires a valid email and asks for information easily satisfied by uploading a resume. Applying online also includes answering screening questionnaire and the option to add a cover letter. Prospective employees should check documents over and make any relevant edits to ensure the information relates to any positions desired and sits correct and accurate.

Application Status

Keeping up to date on application statuses remains relatively easy with online profiles. Simply log in and gain access to the information at any time. A majority of current and past staff report an average interview-to-hire process of about a month. Deciding factors, such as position responsibility, need for role fulfillment, and orientation numbers, dictate the speed of hire.

Benefits of Working at Omni Hotels & Resorts

Striving to please employees in addition to guests, Omni Hotels offers work benefits packages commensurate with industry standards. Short- and long-term disability options remain offered to full-time workers as well as medical, dental, and vision insurance. Employees also receive hospitality industry job benefits with discounted hotel rooms, shift meal options, and transportation discounts. The prominent hotel chain further provides 401(k) retirement plans accompanied by a generous company-match policy.

Further Details about Omni Hotels & Resorts

The company publishes a luxury lifestyle magazine ideal for potential hotel guests. Escapes magazine tackles subjects centering on leisure activities from booking resorts to bettering personal golf games. The magazine also supplies destination tips and creative ideas to pursue during travel.

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