On The Run Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at On The Run

On The Run pursues applicants for both customer service jobs and professional careers in management. During the hiring process, one-on-one interviews tend to follow initial phone contact to schedule recruitment sessions. The convenience store and gas station chain may call for more than one round of interviews, although entry-level positions usually only require a single interview for employment consideration. The entire hiring process typically spans one to three weeks.

Customer Service Interviews

Most customer service associates meet with hiring managers in one-on-one interviews. Typical inquiries include:

  • "What is the best way to handle an unruly customer?"
  • "Flexibility and availability are key. Do you have openness to varied shifts?"
Other common interview questions focus on related work experience, education, and previous employment. No real experience proves necessary for employment consideration; however, candidates should express open availability and demonstrate motivated attitudes to gain hire.

Managerial Interviews

Applicants looking for management careers typical undergo multiple interviews in the On The Run hiring process, which may take up to three weeks to complete. Common interview questions posed comprise of:

  • "How has your previous management experience molded the manager you are today?"
  • "Have you worked multiple shifts before? Is that something you are comfortable with?"
On The Run commonly looks for candidates who exceed in expectations of accountability and reliability.

What to Wear

Applicants should dress appropriately for any interview encountered and wear business attire, like professional dresses or shirts and ties.

Emphasize Previous Customer Service Experience

While entry-level positions do not usually require prior retail experience, candidates who demonstrate knowledge of customer service techniques may impress hiring personnel and garner additional deliberation in the hiring process. Speak to relevant work experiences when responding to interview questions. Job seekers may need to await hiring determinations after the final interview.

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