OnTrac Interview Questions & Tips

Multiple Interview Formats

Applicants should demonstrate punctuality as well as confident and customer-oriented demeanors throughout the OnTrac interview process. Workers with experience in the delivery industry should highlight specific examples from previous jobs. Specific interview formats vary depending on job title and location. The most common formats used during the hiring process include 1:1 interviews and phone interviews featuring very brief and candid conversation between company representative and applicants.

How to Prepare

Prepare for any OnTrac interview format by studying company history and reviewing personal employment history and relevant job skills prior to hiring sessions.

What to Expect During the Interview Process

An initial phone interview gives way to in-person interviews during the hiring process. Applicants generally spend about ten minutes or so in each interview. Basic interview questions asked during interviews generally touch on past jobs and experience. Other questions look into interests in the company and personal work ethics.

What to Wear

Wear professional clothing, such as slacks, dress shirts, and ties or presentable dresses and heels, to OnTrac interviews.

How to Stand Out

Leave lasting impressions by shaking hands at the beginning and end of every interview session. Maintain consistent eye contact with hiring representatives and demonstrate working knowledge of the delivery industry. Workers in good health may gain preferential treatment during the OnTrac hiring process, as many jobs require regular manual labor. At the conclusion of the interview process, the delivery company may require successful applicants to pass a drug screening and background checks.

Following Up After the Interview

Follow up with a hiring representative to check on the status of the job and express continued interest in the opportunity a few days after the final OnTrac job interview.

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