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A subsidiary of Dairy Queen, Orange Julius produces a line of smoothies and other fruit drink beverages at over 5,000 locations across the United States. As the juice drink company also exists in many Dairy Queen locations, job opportunities regularly overlap and prove widely abundant.

Facts About Working at Orange Julius

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Orange Julius?)

Available Positions: Crew Member, Cook, Cashier, Cake Decorator, Assistant Restaurant Manager, General Restaurant Manager, Dining Room Attendant, Business Analyst, Business Consultant, Financial Analyst, Pricing Coordinator, Marketing Director, Business Consultant, Region Distribution Director, Pride Check Consultant, Accountant

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Orange Julius Job Opportunities

Started as a juice stand in 1926, Orange Julius continues to expand menu selections to meet growing demands for healthier lifestyles and drink choices. Various entry-level positions remain available with the juice and smoothie giant, especially for candidates interested in customer service roles. Entry-level workers typically start as cashiers and team members interacting with customers, taking accurate orders, and completing transactions. An affinity for working with the public, strong interpersonal skills, and desires to work as part of teams remain desirable traits hiring managers look for when making staffing decisions.

As the company prefers to promote from within, employees enjoy regular opportunities for career advancement. Team members with tenure, experience, and positive attitudes may submit applications or receive promotion into roles as supervisors. Entry-level shift leader jobs remain stepping-stone managerial roles leading to assistant manager, store manager, and eventually general manager positions with Orange Julius. For upper-level management positions, the company may look for outside or in-house applicants. Managers must usually hold degrees from higher institutions and years of experience in the food industry to earn hiring consideration.

Positions and Salary Information for Orange Julius

An excellent place to find after-school or summer jobs, Orange Julius hires workers starting at age 16. For managerial positions, high school diplomas remains necessary, which usually limits supervisory roles to individuals 18 and over. The drink and smoothie leader typically hires new workers for the following positions:

Crew Member

  • Executing customer-service tasks, ensuring prepared products meet quality standards, and guaranteeing consumer satisfaction, crew members remain the face of the company.
  • Responsibilities include preparing orders to customer specifications, following company recipes accurately, and completing requests with both efficiency and speed.
  • Additional duties include maintaining clean work stations, working well in team atmospheres, and keeping dining areas, restrooms, trash receptacles, and counters clean and free of debris.
  • Crew members tend to make minimum hourly wage at start, though experience and tenure may result in pay increase up to $9.00 an hour.


  • Cashiers greet customers in friendly fashions, take accurate orders, communicate with team members, and complete transactions.
  • The ability to answer questions about menu items, services, and policies also remains the obligation of employees in cashier roles.
  • Employees may also prepare customer orders and ensure location cleanliness.
  • Basic math skills, understanding how to use a point of sales system, and affable demeanors tend to gain hiring consideration from store managers.
  • A cashier regularly makes similar pay to crew members, typically around the state minimum hourly wage.

Shift Leader

  • Earning around $10.00 an hour, shift leaders retain accountability in the absence of assistant or store managers.
  • Employees must demonstrate the ability to perform the job functions of both cashiers and crew members in addition to management duties.
  • Shift leaders conduct orientation, training, and evaluations of crew members as well as assist hourly employees in point of sales execution and product promotion.
  • Leading by example and performing under pressure in high-volume stores remains a must as well as consistently displaying positive attitudes, good manners, and strong communication skills.

Tips For Applying

Interested applicants remain encouraged to apply in person at locations of preference. The company website offers a location finder in order to expedite searching for nearby stores. Gather hiring materials before visiting locations in order to fill out paper applications both completely and accurately. Use only blue or black ink and dress accordingly. Hand application forms directly to a manager when possible in order to put a face with a name.

Application Status

Hiring personnel typically inform applicants of interview requests via telephone. Once contacted for interviews, job seekers usually complete the process and receive formal determinations within one to two weeks. For candidates not receiving initial hiring contact, visiting the store of preference or calling and asking to speak directly with managers may assist in receiving interviews. Following up typically displays a genuine desire to work for the smoothie and juice company.

Benefits of Working at Orange Julius

Employees enjoy discounted products, flexible work hours, and competitive wage. Depending on a variety of other factors, like experience, tenure, and employment status, other job benefits include health and wellness options, such as health, dental, and vision care. Additionally, paid time off, sick days, and vacation time may prove available. Full-time employees enjoy performance bonuses, access to 401(k) retirement plans, and tuition assistance.

Other Information about Orange Julius

Orange Julius celebrates teachers with an annual “Treat for Teachers Essay Contest” during the month of May. Grand prize winners receive a nearly $1,000 grant in order to purchase classroom supplies, while another 99 first-prize winners receive a $99 gift card to an office supply retailer. Realizing most educators work on a limited budget, the juice and smoothie leader, along with parent company Dairy Queen, offers the reward to winning essays depicting why the teacher deserves the assistance.

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