Orange Julius Interview Questions & Tips

Navigating the Hiring Process

Orange Julius operates a chain of smoothie franchises with locations throughout the United States. Applicants seeking employment in various customer service and management positions should submit candidacy online or in person at a location of choice. Individuals who exude friendly, motivated, and eager personalities and also demonstrate sincere desires to work in customer service often receive job offers. Some interviewees cite taking applicable skills and comprehension tests to prove suitability for desired positions. Successful completion of drug screening and background checks stand as a precursor to final hiring decisions.

Straightforward Interviews

The Orange Julius hiring process proves straightforward in nature. After the receipt of applicant information, hiring representatives contact candidates to set up initial interviews. Depending on the volume of job seekers contending for positions, first interviews may consist of either group or one-to-one formats in order to screen candidates. The interview process lasts up to two weeks for most jobs, though entry-level applicants may receive on-the-spot offers of employment. Supervisory positions may require longer interview processes before receiving final hiring decisions.

What to Wear

Business-casual dress should suffice for entry-level interviews, while managers should wear professional, office dress.

Entry-Level Interview Process

Both cashiers and crew members generally face shorter interview periods. Managers look for applicants who are flexible in scheduling, display friendly dispositions, and possess reliable means of transportation. Frequently asked interview questions include:

  • "How do you handle yourself when a customer is angry?"
  • "What is your definition of effective customer service?"
  • "Have you ever run a cash register before?"
    • Interview Process for Management Candidates

      Interviewers often present aspiring managers with situations such as:

      • "Have you ever managed employees before?"
      • "How do you maintain a tight ship while keeping workers engaged?"
      In addition to typical interview questions, management candidates respond to queries about leadership skills and long-term employment goals. General managers or store owners, depending on the location, may conduct interviews for supervisory roles, lasting anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour. Candidates should expect multiple interviews before completion.


  • khloe says:

    Should I have fast food experiece before i try to work @ orange juluis because i never have.

  • Adam Alcomb says:

    Orange Julius kicks ass. I am applying there today. I think this is healthy for people, and better than serviing junk. I also heard most important interview tip is to arrive early. I think I will wear a suit is that to much.

  • Pauline says:

    I had an interview today at Dairy Queen/Orange Julius and was hired on the spot!
    The first thing the manager asked me was what my interests and hobbies were.
    She also asked me why I chose Dairy Queen, what I liked and didn’t like about my previous jobs, something I’m good at (strengths) and something I’d like to improve on. Lastly, she asked if I had any questions about the store itself. I had none but I did ask her what she liked best about working there — I do that at every interview! 🙂

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