Original Penguin Job Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at Original Penguin

Group Interviews

Applicants complete and submit Original Penguin hiring materials online. Prospective employees typically hear back from a hiring manager within a couple weeks of submitting the required forms. Hiring sessions generally take place onsite with store managers or other corporate superiors. Interview formats vary depending on the number of applicants vying for the same position. Hiring staff may interview five to ten entry-level candidates at the same time before selecting a few to interview individually. Managerial candidates often participate in phone interviews before hiring staff invite workers to 1:1 or panel interviews.

How to Prepare for Your Interview

Original Penguin employees must look trendy. Applicants should align wardrobe selections with company product lines by wearing fashionable and professional attire to each job interview. Candidates should arrive early in order to mentally prepare for all parts of the interview process and adjust to the environment. Hiring managers often touch on topics like employment history, future goals, ethics, and fashion.

Common Interview Questions

Interviewers navigate each topic by asking questions like:

  • "Have you worked in fashion retail industry before?"
  • "What is one thing you would like to accomplish in the next year?"
  • "What would you do if you saw a customer stealing merchandise?"
  • "Can you tell me what you know about Original Penguin clothing?"

How to Stand Out

Candidates familiar with Original Penguin apparel may outperform other candidates during the interview process. Retail experience also proves advantageous for individuals seeking employment. Applicants should apply positive and customer-oriented answers to each inquiry. Maintain consistent eye contact and a professional demeanor throughout the interview process to show a serious desire to work for the fashion retailer.

Follow Up

Candidates who follow up with hiring managers a few days after the final interview may increase odds of receiving a job offer or advancing to the next interview round.

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