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A chain of casual-dining restaurants, Outback Steakhouse specializes in steak and seafood offerings and boasts a layout reminiscent of the Australian Outback. With nearly 1,000 locations in multiple countries, the massive organization routinely hires and trains new associates to serve customers and prepare signature menu items.

Facts About Working at Outback Steakhouse

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Outback Steakhouse?)

Available Positions: Busser, Host, Server, Bartender, Line Cook, Dishwasher

Printable Application: Yes. Print Outback Steakhouse application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Outback Steakhouse Job Opportunities

The Bloomin’ Brands subsidiary offers employees a streamlined online application process, great employee benefits, and flexible scheduling options for part time associates. Job seekers may also download, print, and complete paper applications for submission at the Outback Steakhouse of desired employment. The fluctuating nature of the restaurant industry consistently creates jobs for aspiring workers, and job seekers find a litany of entry-level hourly positions requiring minimal previous experience on the company website.

Some associates at Outback Steakhouse receive advancement opportunities into managerial job titles and turn entry-level positions into valuable careers. Upper-level personnel ensure the satisfaction of guests by maintaining quality control throughout food preparation and customer service processes in restaurants. Job hopefuls eager to begin a career in the restaurant industry should apply online through the parent company career portalsand commence the hiring process.

Outback Steakhouse Positions and Salary Information

Outback employs workers in the same capacities as other large restaurant chains. The organization hires kitchen staff, servers, bartenders, hosts, and a management team to keep each location running smoothly. Job seekers 16 years or older may apply for most entry-level positions; however, managerial or supervisory job titles may require workers to stand 18 years or older to qualify for employment consideration. The following list outlines general descriptions and salary expectations for some of the most popular jobs at the restaurant:


  • Paying attention to food and drink orders and taking care of guests needs are part of the Outback server position.
  • Servers have a pay rate near $3.00 hourly in addition to gratuity.
  • Individuals with high energy levels and strong people skills are ideal workers.


  • Cleaning tables and the front of the restaurant to prepare for new guests and assist other team members are busser duties.
  • Outback Busser’s start near minimum wage.
  • Job seekers who can lift heavy objects and work in a fast-paced environment are encouraged top apply.


  • Cooks prepare food to customer’s desire and ensure the meals are created properly.
  • The hourly wage of a starting cook is $9.00.
  • With many different cook positions, those interested should be able to learn quickly and be able to move around different areas in the kitchen to create different parts of meals.

Tips For Applying

Parent company Bloomin’ Brands requires job seekers to create personal profiles through the website career portal to access the online application form. The application typically requires job seekers to yield information concerning previous employment, physical ability to complete required duties, availability, age, education, and the sought position. Candidates may also need to take personality tests to assess fits for current teams during the online application process. Hourly candidates should fill out the application comprehensively and provide as much detail as necessary to show eligibility for the job. Management candidates may need to submit resumes and cover letters as part of the application process. All applicants should proofread the hiring request form before submitting to ensure the accuracy and quality of the information provided.

Application Status

Hiring managers typically contact suitable candidates via telephone after receiving and reviewing applications. Most applicants wait no more than a week between requesting employment and hearing from hiring managers about setting up interviews. Job seekers who choose to request employment in person ought to dress in professional attire and visit locations during slow business hours to submit applications. Endeavor to speak directly with the restaurant manager when submitting an application and iterate desire to work at the popular steakhouse. Workers who do not receive contact from a hiring representative within a week of applying should place a follow-up call or visit to ask about the application status. Remain careful not to follow up during lunch or dinner rushes, as managers may not possess the time to speak.

Benefits of Working at Outback Steakhouse

Each Outback Steakhouse associate may take advantage of employee benefits. Hourly associates obtain access to medical, dental, and vision insurance as well as paid time off. Salaried employees receive:

  • Comprehensive healthcare packages
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Paid vacation
  • Adoption assistance options
  • Long- and short-term disability, and
  • Flexible spending accounts.

All associates enjoy generous meal discounts, as well.

Additional Information on Outback Steakhouse

With the many different locations Outback Steakhouse boasts, menu items often vary by region. Some establishments serve crawfish and yams, while others serve king crab legs. The most common selections include steak and beef tenderloin meals, with chicken and seafood dishes also popular. Bloomin’ onions and Aussie cheese fries rank among the most popular side dishes and appetizers at the restaurant. The eatery also offers a multitude of salads and meals under 600 calories for health-conscious consumers. With an array of dessert possibilities available to top off a scrumptious meal, the steakhouse provides everything necessary for a great time with friends and family over fantastic cuisine.


  • Mohammad mahabobur rahman says:

    I used to work at Outback Steakhouse and I would like to work there again.

  • Mari says:

    Hours are ridiculous! They seem to take advantage of employees since they don’t pay them much. Hostess works 9-12hr shifts! They give a start time but no ending. Whenever they are ready to release you is when your day ends! Awful!

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