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A chain of nearly 650 locations, California-inspired PacSun serves as an ideal place to find entry-level retail jobs. Workers may also take advantage of available careers in management and the company corporate offices.

Facts About Working at PacSun

Minimum Age to Work at PacSun: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at PacSun?)

PacSun Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 10:00am-9:00pm; Sat 10:00am-7:00pm; Sun 11:00am-6:00pm

Available Positions at PacSun: Assistant store manager, cashier, key holder, sales associate, stock associate, store manager

Printable Application: Yes. Print PacSun application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

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PacSun Job Opportunities

The product lines sold in company stores embody adventurous spirits and combine trendy patterns and styles with comfortable materials. Formally known as Pacific Sunwear, the retailer promotes the feel of Southern California at each retail location.

Job environment
Job settings include laidback and no-pressure environments. Employees regularly cite the casual atmospheres of the chain as major draws for work. Most daily job duties include greeting customers and providing insight into available product lines. Entry-level associates typically carry out cashiering, stock, and sales duties, while managers primarily focus attentions on administrative tasks and staffing issues.

Entry level part time & full time jobs
Entry-level jobs available only require applicants to meet the minimum age of 16 for hiring consideration. Employment opportunities feature both part-time and full-time flexible schedules.

Paid training represents a standard part of every job at start, with access to career advancement programs available over time, as well.

Reflecting the diversity of the State of California, PacSun explicitly promotes variety in the workplace. Potential associates must feel comfortable working with and providing service to peoples of multiple backgrounds and interests.

Customer Service
Workers regularly encounter extreme sports enthusiasts, whom the fashion retailer primarily markets merchandise toward, in addition to vast arrays of shoppers ranging from casual patrons to regulars. Employees must treat customers to exemplary levels of service at all times.

PacSun Positions and Pay Scales

Fashion retail job seekers may take interest in the following positions:

Sales Associate

Hiring takes place for sales associate jobs at the retail level on a regular basis.

Applicants need no real experience to obtain work in sales at PacSun stores.

Basic responsibilities include:

The retailer pays minimum wage for sales associate positions initially, with hourly rates rising to $9.00 or $10.00 through proven work performance.

Assistant Manager

PacSun assistant managers focus on supervising entry-level staff and maintaining the general order of store locations.

  • reports directly to the store manager
  • assists in daily scheduling and merchandising
  • key holder responsibilities
  • first and/or last individuals to enter/exit locations each day
  • must meet general requirements to fill assistant manager jobs

Typical qualifications include meeting the minimum age of 18, holding high school diplomas, and possessing at least two years of experience in retail.

Pay scales begin at $10.00 an hour for assistant managers and rise to roughly $14.00 at maximum.

Store Manager

The hiring requirements for store manager positions also include meeting the minimum age of 18, high school diplomas, and two years of related experience. However, bachelor’s degrees may increase odds of employment in the role.

Applicants should exude confident, progressive, and dedicated personalities. Individuals who take initiative and promote diversity in the workplace represent ideal candidates for the job.

Daily tasks revolve around administrative functions:

  • hiring and training new workers
  • filing sales reports
  • taking inventory
  • processing payroll
  • marketing, and coordinating product shipments
  • supervise and mentor employees

The operational position features full-time schedules, including nights, weekends, and holidays.

Average annual salary options rest around $45,000. Tenured and experienced store managers may make as much as $60,000 per year.

Tips For Applying

The PacSun hiring process usually takes the form of laidback, informal meetings with management at desired locations. Applicants should expect to hold casual conversation with hiring personnel, as opposed to traditional, straightforward question-and-answer sessions.

Showing passion for the brand and wearing company merchandise serve as excellent ways to impress future supervisors and increase the possibility of employment.

Submitting an application form in person to provoke face-to-face conversations prior to actual interviews may further improve odds of consideration.

Application Status

Employment hopefuls must create usernames and profiles through the PacSun careers page in order to apply for jobs. Once created, the profiles provide a platform for job seekers to apply for positions at all levels of operations. The online profiles also allow users to check on the status of outstanding applications.

While the retailer generally contacts prospective employees within a reasonable amount of time following formal submission of hiring documents, workers may consistently check the online platform for changes in employment status.

Workers also receive phone calls regarding invitations to interviews pending review from store management. A typical applicant waits no more than a week to hear back about a potential job. Some workers receive interview invites within a matter of days.

Benefits of Working at PacSun

The retailer provides fun, relaxed, and supportive work environments where entry-level associates often turn part-time jobs into full-time careers. PacSun also offers job benefits packages to spur employee retention.

Associates enjoy:

  • paid time off
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • healthcare coverage
  • dental plans
  • vision plans
  • recognition rewards programs.

Part-time workers generally only qualify for merchandise discounts. Other work benefits remain available to individuals in full-time positions.

Additional Information on PacSun

In the true, liberal spirit of the State of California, the fashion chain promotes several facets of social responsibility through actions at the retail and corporate levels. PacSun champions initiatives involving environmental protection and sustainability, human rights, ethical sourcing, and LEED compliance. Both planned and unplanned audits of supply chains, warehouses, retail stores, and corporate offices ensure the brand lives up to progressive implementations of manufacturing, purchasing, and distribution.

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