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Panda Express manages more than 1,600 fast food restaurants worldwide. In addition to U.S operations, the Asian-American restaurant chain maintains locations in Puerto Rico and Canada. More than 19,000 associates work for the restaurant chain, which looks to hire on new employees as the brand expands and business grows.

Facts About Working at Panda Express

Minimum Age to Work at Panda Express: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Panda Express?)

Panda Express Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 10:30am-8:30pm; Sat: 10:00am-9:00pm; Sun: 11:00am-6:00pm

Available Positions at Panda Express: Host, Hostess, Server, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Bus Person, Dishwasher, Kitchen Manager, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager, Property Accounting Clerk, Human Resources Service Center Representative, Equipment Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Field Human Resources Manager, Freight Analyst, Field Marketing Associate, Business Analyst, Food Science Manager, Corporate Paralegal, Project Designer, Payroll Accounting Clerk, Facilities Manager, Operations Support Assistant, Lease Administrator, Tax Accountant

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Panda Express Job Opportunities

Applicants searching for fast food employment may easily access Panda Express jobs due to the widespread prominence of the chain in areas throughout North America. Found almost exclusively in shopping malls, airports, sports arenas, theme parks, and even government buildings, the restaurant holds exceptional promise for individuals in need of part-time or full-time work. The most accessible employment opportunities available with the Asian-inspired fast food chain include part-time, entry-level jobs. Applicants must show abilities to work at exceptional speeds, cater to customers in professional manners, and maintain clean, organized restaurants. Full-time opportunities in management require similar attributes as well as administrative acumen to compile and analyze sales data, maintain food and kitchen supplies, and hire on new help.

The high prevalence of Panda Express locations in easily accessible places like malls and airports provides generally attainable opportunities for employment. An ideal source of entry-level jobs, the fast food restaurant serves as a perfect launching point for first-time workers or individuals looking to gain culinary or managerial experience on the road to fruitful careers. The restaurant chain often imposes rigorous demands on associates in terms of time-management and overall efficiency. Applicants should gain understandings of potential job duties and typical customer bases prior to beginning the hiring process.

Panda Express Employment and Salary Information

The typical hiring age at which most locations begin onboarding entry-level workers rests at 16. Basic positions in food preparation and customer service require very little, if any, in the way of experience to gain employment. Job seekers frequently need high school diplomas and industry experience to work as a manager. The most prevalent positions available include:

Service and Kitchen Team Member

Job Description and Duties
Panda Express regularly hires entry-level job seekers to fill service and kitchen team member positions at more than 1,500 restaurants nationwide. Workers greet patrons and take customer orders, operate cash registers and secure payment, prepare menu items, serve food and beverages, and respond to guest inquiries and special requests. Other job duties include organizing inventory and cleaning work spaces and dining areas. Panda Express imposes a minimum hiring age of 16 for all positions. Entry-level service and kitchen team member jobs carry no additional requirements, though previous restaurant experience often proves valuable. Applicants should have strong customer service skills, friendly personalities, flexible schedule availability, and the ability to learn specialized cooking and serving procedures.

Salary and Compensation
Hourly pay rates for service and kitchen team members typically rest between $8.00 and $10.00. Panda Express also extends employment benefits like paid training, medical and dental insurance, ongoing career development opportunities, 401(k) savings plans with company match, associate discounts, and free meals during work shifts to all full-time workers.

Restaurant Manager

Job Description and Duties
Despite operating nearly 1,500 locations across North America, Panda Express continues to open new restaurants in venues like airports, shopping malls, theme parks, college campuses, and even stand-alone establishments. Each Panda Express location needs managers to maintain a professional and inviting atmosphere at all times. Managers create employee work schedules, interview and hire entry-level workers, facilitate safe and productive work conditions, and ensure customer satisfaction. To maintain continued success, Panda Express managers implement sales strategies and marketing plans from corporate offices. Because of the administrative job requirements for the position, candidates should possess some business or restaurant experience. A strong work ethic and ability to lead also help in securing managerial jobs.

Salary and Compensation
To retain the best managers, Panda Express restaurants offer competitive salary packages and employment benefits programs. Depending on location and experience, salaries range from $45,000 to $55,000 a year and often feature bonus pay and other incentives. Nearly every manager receives paid vacation time that increases each year with the company. After hiring new managers, Panda Express administers a five-week manager-training program as preparation for the position.

Tips For Applying

Multitasking and efficiency remain highly important to Panda Express hiring managers. Workers must display the ability to float from one task to the next seamlessly and perform essential functions equally well in short amounts of time. A strong, career-centric chain, the Asian-inspired eatery also looks for individuals in search of advancement. Show drive and determination to impress management and improve application standing.

Application Status

Candidates may apply for Panda Express jobs through staffing agencies, open-house hiring events, or traditional application forms available online or in store. Regardless of avenue, most employees reference spending upwards of a week going through the necessary hiring procedures. Successful applicants generally make phone calls or visit stores personally within 48 hours of submitting employment forms to demonstrate commitment and focus on joining existing staffs. Use the visits to ask questions about positions desired, company cultures, and even pay expectations in addition to inquiring about statuses in hiring queues.

Benefits of Working at Panda Express

As a major national chain, Panda Express provides employees with extensive and comprehensive job benefits packages. Both entry-level workers and experienced professionals enjoy health and wellness support in addition to financial savings plans and time off. Available work benefits include medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k) retirement plans, bonus incentives, holidays and paid vacation, and discounts on food as well as admissions to local attractions and events.

More Information on Panda Express

The popular Asian cuisine fast food chain began as a concept derived from an existing chain of upscale Chinese restaurants located in California. Known as Panda Inn, the original restaurant chain features sit-down style dining atmospheres and more intricate menus in traditional Mandarin and Szechuan disciplines. Founded in 1973, Panda Inn served as the predecessor to the eventual 1983 founding of Panda Express. Both operate under control of parent company Panda Restaurant Group Inc.

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    You should find a printable job application for panda and just fill it out and walk it in. Many locations still are not using the online job application process. Good luck.

  2. Dan Bai

    As a cook, I worked at Panda Express in the Hayward, Nework and Stanford University store total almost 4 years . I can cook many dishes and follow the recipe instruction to guarantee the quality. After the rush lunch hour, I am also helping to prepare all food ingredients.


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