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Working for Panther Expedited

Panther Expedited, a transport company specializing in expedited services, looks for owner/operators to run loads across the country. Persons interested in working with the company must own or operate either a cargo van, straight truck, or a tractor-trailer setup. The company does not own vehicles for associates to use. If working with a cargo van or straight truck, the driver must meet the minimum age of 21; however, the driver does not need formal experience or training. If working with a tractor-trailer, the company requires the driver to meet the 22 and over age minimum with at least six months of verifiable tractor-trailer driving experience. All drivers must possess valid CDL licenses, clean records, and cell phones as well as the ability to block, brace, and tie down cargo, speak and read English, and determine cargo safety.

Hiring Process Overview

Candidates begin the hiring process by submitting required forms via the company website. Human resources contact candidates within a two-to-three day period to extend invitations for orientation, which serves as a mandatory phase for all drivers. Group sizes tend to average between 15-30 people. Managers at the orientation give an overview of the company and policies as well as answer any questions the future associates may have. At the conclusion of the question and answer session, all drivers take a DOT drug screen and physical exam. If the candidate passes the screening and exam, Panther promptly enters into contract with the driver.

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