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Papa Murphy's pdf application

Benefits of Printing the Papa Murphy’s Application

Most pizza shops offer physical, paper applications for prospective workers to fill out onsite. However, Papa Murphy’s provides the added benefit of downloading the hiring forms to a personal PC and printing out the documents to complete by hand, at home. Workers may choose either method of gaining employment consideration.

The unique advantages of printing out an application create excellent opportunities to showcase personal skills and use as much time as necessary to gather materials and enter in information without feeling rushed or obligated. Individuals possess the ability to print additional copies of the forms without pulling management away from daily tasks, as well. Candidates may turn in printed versions of the Papa Murphy’s application to any location. Completing additional forms to hand over at multiple storefronts takes little time when filling in downloadable PDF copies and often increases chances of gaining employment.

How to Fill out the Papa Murphy’s PDF Application

Papa Murphy’s job seekers must complete the form in entirety in order to gain full consideration from hiring personnel. The documents require the use of blue or black ink and legible handwriting. Education, employment, and personal information appear on the documents. Collecting materials prior to filling in the data fields may expedite the process.

“Employment Application”
An untitled section under the main header Employment Application provides room for candidates to list personal details and contact information. Requested information includes name, address, phone number, age (if under 18), and previous employment with the pizza shop. The PDF offers a line for past employees to list the dates and locations on staff.

The Availability section begins with an inquiry into preferred number of hours job seekers hope to work each week. Candidates also mark whether legally authorized to work in the United States and sources of hearing about the positions for hire. To the right of the questions sits a chart with fourteen blank spaces corresponding to morning and evening daily availability. Mark availability accordingly in the boxes provided.

“School Most Recently Attended”
Unlike some hiring forms requiring complete data on academic histories, the printable Papa Murphy’s application only asks for details surrounding the most recent school attended. Write in the name, location, and phone number of the institution in addition to a teacher or counselor to serve as a contact and last grade completed. Workers must indicate if graduated, whether currently enrolled, and list involvement in sports, extra-curricular activities, or groups. Candidates may choose to omit extra-curricular activities on the basis of revealing information about race, gender, age, or religious affiliation.

“Employment History”
Three identical segments contain the heading Employment History. In the spaces provided, job seekers enter in details about past employers beginning with the most recent and moving backwards. Lines for company names, addresses, and phone numbers appear in the section as well as for specific job titles, the names of former supervisors, dates employed, ending salary options, and reasons for leaving. Workers with military backgrounds may use the section to offer details about service in the armed forces. Papa Murphy’s also accepts information on volunteer opportunities.

Closing and Signature
Another untitled section closes out the hiring documents and asks about completing essential functions of the job in question without unreasonable accommodations and convictions of crimes outside of minor traffic violations. A Yes answer to the inquiry into criminal convictions requires explanations of the circumstances surrounding the charges and eventual rulings on separate sheets of paper workers must attach to the official employment documents. Before signing and dating the printable application, each candidate must provide an emergency contact person with address and phone number. Legal statements regarding the rights of applicants and the dissemination of information appear at the bottom of the documents. The statements touch on at-will employment policies briefly, as well.