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Download a printable Party City employment form.

Party City pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Party City Application

Individuals often find personally turning in employment requests more rewarding than submitting forms online. Downloading a PDF version and printing an application allows a candidate to spend extended amounts of time completing the required information without sacrificing the ability to meet with hiring personnel directly. Retailers like Party City may interview applicants immediately after receiving hiring forms, which sometimes leads to impromptu job offers if workers embody the right credentials.

How to Fill out the Party City PDF Application

Setting aside 20 to 30 minutes should buy candidates enough time to complete the Party City application in entirety. The two-page document includes sections regarding contact information, employment history, references, and education. A brief disclaimer and notification of rights sits near the bottom of the second page, with a final signature line authorizing the document. Candidates entering data manually should use blue or black ink. Reprint the forms if needed in the event of mistakes or errors.

“Personal Information”
Blank spaces for contact details, such as name, address, and phone number, appear first on the Party City downloadable application. Workers then provide positions desired and expected pay rates. The section also inquires into current employment status, previous jobs held with the party goods retailer (locations, if applicable), type of work sought, i.e. full-time, part-time, or seasonal, and earliest date available to start.

“Customer Service”
A single question under the Customer Service heading asks workers to mark Yes or No regarding ability to accept the responsibility of upholding high standards of customer service.

“Work Schedule”
Applicants then provide information regarding availability. Prospective associates must enter daily availability into a chart beneath a question about willingness to work flexible hours. The chart asks individuals to list both the earliest times available to start each day and the latest applicants possess the ability to work into the evening.

“Education or Equivalent Experience”
Another chart appears beneath the header Education or Equivalent Experience asking for workers to share details about schools or other learning institutions attended. Data fields include lines for high schools, colleges, and/or trade schools. List the names and locations of the schools, degrees obtained, and areas of study. Individuals still in school or on brief hiatuses should place N/A in the field asking for degrees obtained.

The brief section simply asks Party City applicants to list skills, abilities, hobbies, or other characteristics beneficial to managers during the hiring process. Job hopefuls may use the space to expand upon scholastic studies or list volunteer projects related to potential responsibilities if hired. Workers with military backgrounds may also indicate former or current rank and branch in the General section.

“Work Experience”
Beginning with the most recent job held, the printable application form provides spaces for details regarding up to three previous places of employment. Applicants may enter in volunteer work or non-profit experience in the lines provided if without sufficient job histories. Each entry should include the name of the company, dates employed, specific title, company address and phone number, pay rates, and reason for leaving.

“Work Experience References”
The Work Experience References section of the Party City PDF application contains two parts. Workers must first fill out a table featuring blank spaces for contact information and years acquainted for three professional references. The following portion asks candidates about criminal convictions. Individuals with prior histories of criminal activity must check the Yes box and then explain the infraction or infractions on the lines below. However, the hiring form outlines special circumstances in which jobs seekers may not need to provide information regarding criminal convictions. Read the list of state statutes over carefully to avoid making mistakes on the employment documents.

Applicants also provide details about past terminations, resignations, and of professional investigations of abilities while under the employ of other companies. Party City requires individuals with relatives or immediate family members already working for the retail chain to indicate so and provide the names and locations of the persons and the specific storefronts. Closing out the Work Experience References segment of the printable PDF, job hopefuls check boxes denoting legal right to work in the U.S. and willingness to relocate upon hire, if necessary.

Candidates end the forms with statements regarding the legal rights of applicants and information outlining hiring and termination policies. The statements also serve as waivers and describe the rights waived by completing and submitting the Party City application to desired locations. Two lines, one for the date and one for an applicant signature, sit at the bottom of the second page. Sign and date the downloadable hiring form to finalize the document.