Pathmark Interview Questions & Tips

Application Process Overview

Lasting roughly a week, the Pathmark interview process takes candidates through short, five-minute hiring sessions with official representatives. Some prospective job seekers wait up to a month to hear back from the company to schedule a job interview. The number of eligible candidates vying for a single position greatly determines the length of time each applicant waits for interview consideration.

Navigating the Interview Process

Once granted, job hopefuls begin the hiring process with a face-to-face interview session. The retailer invites candidates to interview via telephone. Actual job interviews take place onsite at a desired location. A typical Pathmark job interview spans the length of 10 to 20 minutes, with some employees citing interview lasting a little as five minutes. The grocery store chain screens for both part-time and full-time positions on a regular basis.

Possible Interview Questions

Applicants looking for part-time work may encounter more brief and less formal proceedings than full-time applicants and managerial candidates. One of the most common question asked of part-time job seekers is:

  • "How long do you plan on working with us?"
Both part-time and full-time potential grocery store associates encounter interview questions like:
  • "What days are you available to work each week?"
  • "Do you have any prior experience in the supermarket industry?"
  • "How have your experiences prepared you for this position?"
  • "Can you describe yourself?"

Necessary Skills and Qualifications

Jobs at Pathmark require basic customer service skills. Applicants may also need to demonstrate abilities to perform manual labor and interact with current staff in appropriate and beneficial ways. Interview questions screen for worker abilities to mesh well with existing team members and execute job duties in attentive and persistent manners.

How to Stand Out

In order to improve hiring odds, aspiring team members should treat each interview seriously. Arrive early to Pathmark interviews. Engage each hiring manager in a light-hearted yet forward and assertive manner. Hiring officials often look for very basic and straightforward answers when posing inquiries to candidates. While personable individuals fair well during job interviews, applicants who remain on-point and avoid straying off subject generally gain preferential treatment as company officials render final hiring verdicts.


  • Tomiesha says:

    My other job I disliked how I only worked on saturdays. I can start now, my school is very flexible. Im always free. I wanna work at Pathmark because I have work experience in a supermarket and its my favorite supermarket. I define customer service as a certain amount of items that can be placed. Some challenges a grocery store faces is coming up short, not being on point or dedicated when youre on the clock.

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