PECO Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring Process Overview

PECO provides electrical and natural gas to over 2 million customers in Pennsylvania. Applicants seeking to join the utility industry in various roles such as customer service representative, field technician, and administrative positions should apply on the company website. After receiving the necessary forms, company hiring representatives review applicants and inform eligible candidates of intent to interview via email or phone screenings. Interviewees meet with hiring managers in either 1:1 meetings or with multiple managers in a panel interview. Applicants may also need to take a skills test prior to meeting with hiring personnel in order to determine suitability for the position available.

Possible Interview Questions

Questions applicants may face during the PECO interview process include:

  • "When does a customer have a valid complaint?"
  • "Have you ever felt mistreated by a superior? How did you respond?"
  • "What qualifications do you possess that readies you for a position in the power field?"
Applicants should answer each question with sincerity and draw from relevant work experiences, if possible.

Lengthy Interview Process

The entire hiring process may last up to three months, depending on the position, with background checks and drug screenings often necessary before official hire. Entry-level applicants may receive job offers at the conclusion of the interview process, though maintaining an open dialogue with hiring personnel may prove necessary to determine job status if no offer is made.


  • isaiah savage says:

    whats the required for the job?

  • Mark Richardson says:

    What are my chances of obtaining a well needed job at Peco after my interview?

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