Peebles Interview Questions & Tips

Traditional One-on-One Interviews

Entry-level and managerial candidates both experience a rather traditional process when interviewing for jobs at Peebles department stores. Store managers typically interview entry-level job seekers personally using the traditional one-on-one format. Interviewees answer a series of customary questions regarding personal strengths and weaknesses, reasons for selecting Peebles as a potential employer, and challenges overcome at past jobs.

Possible Questions

Interviewers evaluate the character and personality of applicants through questions like:

  • "Do you work better individually or as part of a team?"
  • "If you saw your friend stealing merchandise from the store, what would you do?"

How to Stand Out

Entry-level applicants usually interview with Peebles just once and should make the most of that time by dressing up, considering questions carefully before answering, asking when to expect an update following the interview, and remaining professional and enthusiastic throughout the process.

Managerial Interviews

In contrast to entry-level job hopefuls, potential managers usually go through a pair of interviews overseen by store and/or district management. The interviewers ask a number of questions focusing heavily on past experience in order to see whether applicants possess the necessary skills for managing a store effectively. Peebles also wants to become familiar with the personal management style of candidates and often includes brief roleplaying exercises as part of the interview process. Managerial interviewees often have to share short- and long-term career objectives with hiring representatives, as well.

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