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Began in 1960s Southern California, Peet's Coffee and Tea stands as one of the fastest-growing and most recognizable chains of coffee shops in the U.S. Job hopefuls throughout more than a dozen states enjoy widespread access to both part-time and full-time employment opportunities.

Facts About Working at Peet's Coffee And Tea

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Peets Coffee And Tea?)

Available Positions: Crew Member, Retail Salesperson, Coffee and Tea Barista, Coffee Purchasing Analyst, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, District Manager, Human Resources Generalist, Data Warehouse Developer, Digital Marketing Manager, Green Coffee Logistics Manager, Mail Clerk/Part-Time, Office Services Coordinator, Training Manager/Coffee and Tea Education, Vendor Manager, Coffee Roaster

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Peet’s Coffee and Tea Job Opportunities

Nearly 200 standalone stores along with dozens of locations in airports and grocery stores throughout the country promote thousands of employment opportunities for interested applicants. Workers find both entry-level and career-level jobs featuring competitive pay and paid training. Most Peet’s Coffee & Tea jobs revolve around customer service and drink preparation. Each location serves dozens of varieties of drinks and pre-packaged food items prepared to customer specifications. The coffeehouses boast fast-paced environments where interpersonal communication skills remain vitally important to business operations. Personable, friendly, and attentive attitudes regularly improve hiring odds.

Culinary job seekers may hold an advantage over other applicants. Workers with aspirations in the coffee shop industry or in related culinary fields may receive preferential treatment during the hiring process. Peet’s Coffee & Tea consistently promotes individuals exhibiting self-driven and motivated attitudes into supervisory roles and managerial positions. Opportunities also remain available in roasting, distribution, and corporate capacities, which provide even more diverse employment options. Specialized backgrounds in related fields and/or college educations may prove necessary for certain job titles. Most entry-level opportunities, such as barista or cashier, require no real experience.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea Positions and Pay Information

The popular coffeehouse chain sets the minimum age for employment consideration at 16 years old. Some states may allow workers as young as 14 to assume coffee shop jobs with permits granted by local governments. On average, entry-level employees start out as part-time associates and average between 10 and 25 hours per week. Full-time job opportunities usually include supervisory or managerial roles. The list below details some of the most prevalent positions for hire:

Retail Associate

  • A position combining entry-level cashier responsibilities with barista duties, the job title of retail associate primarily centers on food and drink preparation.
  • Specific daily tasks also include ringing up purchases and cleaning work stations and lounging areas.
  • Workers must possess general knowledge of coffees and teas and enjoy completing tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • During training periods, retail associates learn company menus and how to operate coffee- and tea-related equipment.
  • Individuals with knowledge of coffeehouse kitchen operations prior to hiring often receive increased favor from managers.
  • Bright, outgoing, and courteous personalities best complement existing teams.
  • Peet’s Coffee & Tea retail associates earn between $8.00 and $9.00, on average.


  • Career-minded applicants regularly take interest in shift lead, assistant store manager, and store managers jobs.
  • Typical responsibilities of shift lead associates center on branding, merchandising, and motivating staff.
  • Assistant store managers and store managers carry out administrative hiring, training, scheduling, inventory, sales reporting, and customer-assurance duties.
  • In order to gain employment as managers, employees must demonstrate dedication to the brand and display positive and self-motivated attitudes.
  • Outside candidates must possess backgrounds in either the retail or coffee shop industry and hold high school diplomas.
  • Personal interests in coffee and tea also take center stage during the hiring process for new managers.
  • At base level, shift leads make roughly $10.00 an hour.
  • Pay scales for managers rise to more than $30,000 annual salary for assistant store managers and upward of $50,000 a year for store managers.

Tips For Applying

Workers should showcase love of coffees and teas in order to increase odds of employment. Even without formal experience, applicants may indicate passions for the industry and show abilities related to potential job duties. Highlighting volunteer opportunities featuring retail or service settings during interviews or on required hiring documents also increases probability of receiving additional consideration. Expressing interest in advancing a long-term career with the company may improve odds of employment, as well.

Application Status

Peet’s Coffee & Tea generally contacts prospective hires via telephone after reviewing application information. Between submitting the required employment forms and receiving contact from recruitment personnel, workers may reach out to check on the statuses of applications. On average, candidates spend about a week or two going through the formal procedures for hiring consideration. After a week, eager applicants may visit locations in person or call management to ask about the next steps in the hiring process. Keep in mind the schedules of managers when following up with the coffeehouse chain. Certain times of day may limit the availability of managers to discuss possible employment due to pressing responsibilities, such as serving customers or training employees.

Benefits of Working at Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Employee benefits packages cover workers assuming schedules of 21 or more hours per week. Qualified associates enjoy medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage.

Employees also access:

  • 401(k) retirement plans,
  • Life insurance options,
  • Food and drink discounts,
  • Paid time off, and bonus pay.

Specific work benefits available vary from coffeehouse to coffeehouse.

Additional Details on Peet’s Coffee & Tea

A firm believer in environmental sustainability, the respected coffee shop utilizes cutting-edge methods of procuring, packaging, and preparing materials and supplies. Peet’s Coffee & Tea works directly with local growers and roasters to provide customers with ethically sourced and prepared coffees and teas. From the people who grow the coffee beans and tea leaves to the machines used to roast, press, ferment, grind, and heat the finished products, the nationwide chain incorporates eco-friendly and fair-trade practices. For example, the facilities which roast coffee beans later used in drinks served to customers use LEED-certified heat lamps. In addition to sustainability, the prominent chain executes regular philanthropic acts in benefit of surrounding communities and organizations, including generous donations of goods and catering services.

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