Pep Boys Interview Questions & Tips

Conventional Hiring Process

The automotive retail and service chain Pep Boys takes job seekers through a conventional hiring process featuring a combination of phone and onsite interviews. Typically reserved for managerial and corporate candidates, Pep Boys phone interviews usually entail a general discussion about the amount of related experience acquired from prior jobs. Interviewers essentially want to make sure applicants satisfy the basic requirements for advancement in the Pep Boys recruitment process. Depending on interviewee performance, Pep Boys often concludes the phone screening by extending an invitation to appear for an in-person interview within the week. Candidates applying for entry-level Pep Boys jobs encounter phone interviews only on rare occasions.

Panel Interviews

Pep Boys frequently makes use of a panel of interviewers to oversee face-to-face interview sessions. Applicants normally meet with the Pep Boys managers responsible for supervising the position applied for. Pep Boys job interviews require prospective associates to exhibit adequate knowledge of car parts and auto repair procedures.

Interview Questions and Topics to Expect

Questions posed by Pep Boys interviewers generally deal with past employment and education. Interviewees may also need to respond to behavioral questions evaluating their ability to work with Pep Boys customers in a variety of hypothetical situations. Personality tests or other similar assessments often play a role in Pep Boys interviews, as well.

Multiple Interviews

Pep Boys occasionally interviews entry-level candidates twice, while managerial applicants commonly undergo three or more interview sessions in addition to background checks and drug tests.

Preparing for the Interview Process

Applicants serious about working at Pep Boys should take the necessary steps to prepare for each interview. Get familiar with the experiences and skills required by the particular Pep Boys job and plan to highlight instances that verify those qualifications.

How to Stand Out

Wear professional apparel to each Pep Boys interview and show genuine enthusiasm for working on cars. Pep Boys refers to employees as "Car People" and hires candidates with the ability and willingness to live up to the name. Most applicants complete the Pep Boys interview process in about two weeks.


  • Max says:

    I enjoy working on cars and related stuff so I just scheduled an interview with PEPBOYS. Does anyone know what they expect you to wear?

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