Pepco Job Interview Questions & Tips

High Standards for Employees

Pepco Holdings Inc. looks for employees demonstrating diverse, ethical, and hard-working traits. The corporation holds stern standards for potential employees. Candidates should carefully examine the requirements of a particular position before applying. All employees must successfully pass a 7-year criminal record check and medical screening, drug tests inclusive.

Qualifications and Skills Needed

If applying for a skilled-trade position, the company wants potential employees willing to comply and maintain practice of all safety regulations required. Candidates also must carry the general capability of performing a variety of indoor and outdoor tasks for extended periods of time. Typical day-to-day physical demands include: lifting and moving 50 pounds, climbing ladders, twisting, bending, crawling, walking, and squatting. Applicants interested in the customer support sector need to meet or exceed customer service quality standards as well as demonstrate effective skills in operating multiple software applications at any given time. Additionally, Pepco looks for personalities cohesive with existing coworkers and office culture.

Application Process

Applicants begin by searching available postings via the company website and submitting resumes. Candidates with difficulties in preparing formal documents should take advantage of the resume builder within the search engine. Once the utility company receives a resume, a staffing consultant reviews the materials to determine suitability for the position. If in need of additional information, the consultant may contact applicants to conduct a telephone interview.

What to Expect During Your Interview

Candidates who succeed in meeting requirements may receive scheduling for performance tests in addition to structured interviews. Pepco may choose to interview applicants in a 1:1 format or in a three-person panel. Questions presented in interviews often assess the motivation, behavior, and experiences of a particular candidate. Prompt examples include: “Why should you be hired over others?” or “Tell me about a situation when you had to make an important decision on your own.” Use strong body language by keeping an open, relaxed, yet interested sitting position. Candidates generally receive hiring decisions within one to two weeks of the interview.

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