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With over 400 locations across more than 30 states, Perkins remains a viable employer for individuals interested in various restaurant jobs. As a casual dining chain and franchise, the restaurant provides applicants looking for work with varying shifts multiple entry-level positions.

Facts About Working at Perkins Restaurant And Bakery

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Perkins Restaurant And Bakery?)

Available Positions: Host/Hostess, Waiter/Waitress, Busser, Dishwasher, Baker, Cook, Prep Cook, Experienced Line Cook, Customer Service Representative, Associate Manager, Food Production Manager, Assistant Manager, General Manager, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery Job Opportunities

Partnered with Marie Callender’s since 2006, the restaurant continually expands the brand into new markets, which opens new job opportunities along the way. Known for offering breakfast all day and homemade dessert and pastry selections, Perkins operates as a home-cooking dining experience and naturally seeks staff to embody such standards and ideals. Upbeat personalities, abilities to work in team environments, and capabilities to excel in fast-paced settings typically serve applicants well during the hiring process. Employees enjoy competitive wages, work benefits, and various opportunities for career advancement.

At Perkins, a majority of the readily available jobs relate to entry-level positions. Work as servers, hosts, and cashiers regularly persist as front-of-house opportunities, while baker, line cook, and dishwasher represent common back-of-house roles. Employees must habitually display exceptional interpersonal skills, the ability to stand for long periods of time, and a knack for suggestive selling techniques. Entry-level workers achieve promotions with consistency, usually coinciding with tenure and experience. The restaurant chain hires managers externally as well as promoting from within.

Positions and Salary Information for Perkins

Employees of the family dining chain must stand at least 18 years of age and in possession of high school diplomas or the equivalents. Career-driven individuals seeking managerial roles with the company may need to possess additional experiences in the restaurant industry to receive consideration. Cooks may require previous food preparation experience or certification; however, the restaurant regularly trains new employees with a passion for cooking. The following represents the most frequently available jobs:


  • The primary responsibility for hosts and hostesses with the casual-dining franchise remains greeting customers upon arrival in warm and inviting manners.
  • Employees must also seat guests quickly and efficiently to ensure the flow of patrons coming and going from the restaurant remains fluid and maintained.
  • Additional duties may include taking various forms of payment, providing correct change, and assisting with bakery and to-go orders.
  • Typically earning around $8.00 an hour, a host generally works part-time hours and may need to work evenings and weekends, as well.


  • Providing prompt, genial, and attentive service to dining guests remains the most important responsibility of the server position.
  • Tasks include taking accurate food and drink orders, relaying requests and instructions to kitchen staff, and ensuring quality control and presentation before delivering to guest tables.
  • In addition, servers must routinely perform general housekeeping, side work, and may assist in takeout and banquet orders.
  • Basic math skills, personable attitudes, and abilities to work flexible hours remain a must.
  • Servers tend to make minimum servers wage, which vary from state to state but also typically include gratuity on top of base pay.


  • Ideally suited for aspiring culinary workers, the prep or line cook position with Perkins allows uninitiated or new employees to learn the basics of working in a restaurant kitchen.
  • Working under a senior kitchen worker, a prep cook must prepare dishes in accordance with company standards and must follow instruction carefully and respectfully.
  • General duties include prepping daily ingredients, storing and retrieving items properly, and performing general kitchen maintenance, such as taking out trash and keeping food preparation areas clean.
  • A prep or line cook may earn hourly wages between $8.00 and $10.00.

Tips For Applying

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery offers applicants a straightforward and relatively easy application process. Candidates may apply online simply by filling out a form on the company website, which requires entry of personal information and the attachment of resumes. Before submitting the hiring documents, tailor resumes to the position applied for, if possible. Include any prior experiences, whether work-related or volunteer-based matching the basic job description provided. For certain locations, online applications may not prove accepted, requiring interested parties to apply directly at the site with a standard paper application.

Application Status

After sending hiring materials, candidates may expect to hear back from the restaurant franchise once positions open up. Applications remain on file for at least 30 days, which eliminates the need for repeat applications when not hearing back from hiring managers. Visiting the hiring location of choice may prove effective in order to display genuine interest in available positions. Ask to speak to managers directly, if possible, and mention when and how the job seeker applied. While visiting locations may prove beneficial, aspirants should remain respectful of manager time and duties and should avoid peak hours when possible.

Benefits of Working at Perkins

The casual-dining chain offers both full-time and part-time employees competitive wages, opportunities for advancement, flexible scheduling, paid training, and uniform reimbursement. Workers typically gain access to medical coverage within the first month of employment, regardless of employment status. Additional job benefits include vision and dental plans as well as enrollment in 401(k) retirement plans. Employees enjoy:

  • Paid vacation time
  • Meal discounts, and
  • Holiday and paid time off regardless of job status.

Additional Information about Perkins

As a prominent restaurant chain, the diner offers patrons an exclusive rewards program known as “My Perkins.” Customers may sign up online and instantly earn a 20 percent off coupon just for enrolling. Additionally, members receive first notice on new promotions and menu items as well as a special gift on each birthday. Guests may also sign up all children under 12 in order to receive free gifts for each child, as well.


  • Ella says:

    I love Perkins!!! I have eaten there before and I love there food… But can an employee at Perkins eat at the restaurant or do they have to eat somewhere else, just be back there on time to finish their days’ shifts? Anyway, I would love to work there… mostly because I love the food, but also because it is the only place that I would want to work at… I want to work there and I hope that the manager in charge of the Perkins restaurant hires me when I turn 16… For a part-time job at first because I will still be in school… I love Perkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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