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Michigan-based retailer Pet Supplies Plus creates jobs for career-minded individuals and industry novices in the Eastern U.S. Offering a wide variety of pet foods, toys, and care products, the chain often needs new sales employees. Applicants find abundant entry-level jobs in 20-plus states.

Facts About Working at Pet Supplies Plus

Hiring Age: 17 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Pet Supplies Plus?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Part-Time & Full-Time Team Member, Cashier, Stock Clerk, Experienced Professional Groomer, Assistant Manager, Retail Store Manager, Executive Assistant, Payroll Coordinator, Corporate Accountant, Direct Sales Manager, District Sales Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Pet Supplies Plus Job Opportunities

The company operates over 250 locations, including many franchised stores. As one of the largest pet food retailers in the United States, Pet Supplies Plus consistently hires workers for customer service positions throughout the network. Applicants may find retail, animal grooming, and management jobs with the pet food chain. Work atmospheres remain family friendly and service-oriented. Employees provide friendly assistance to patrons and should possess amiable and dedicated personalities in order to gain employment.

Pet Supplies Plus stores offer affordable and varied products. Employees must show familiarity with inventory and remain capable of explaining the uses and benefits of specific goods. Products stand sorted by the types of animals the merchandise relates to, including items designed for dogs, cats, birds, and small mammals such as rabbits, hamsters, and ferrets. Workers must help patrons with reptile and fish needs as well, since the company generally stocks related goods.

Pet Supplies Plus Jobs and Salary Options

Full-time and part-time opportunities for work exist with the pet care retailer. Positions typically prove accessible to individuals 17 years of age and older. The following jobs stand available for compassionate retail job seekers:

Team Member

  • Team members perform basic cashier, stock, and sales functions to aid patrons in finding products. Although some locations offer full-time jobs, positions traditionally remain part-time.
  • Candidates must also remain very knowledgeable about inventory and animal needs.
  • Customers regularly rely on team members for insights which often prove crucial to purchase decisions.
  • Pay scales for entry-level positions traditionally stay consistent with minimum wage, though employees may earn raises with time and dedication.

Pet Groomer

  • Typically earning about $10.00 per hour, groomers bathe, brush, and primp pets to owner specifications.
  • Employees make animals attractive and maintain hygiene while keeping the domestic creatures comfortable and safe.
  • Pet groomers to feel at ease working directly with pets and must often lift animals to perform duties as well as communicate with customers to determine appropriate styles and cleaning procedures.
  • Applicants should possess high school diplomas or the equivalent and a minimum of one year of previous grooming experience.
  • In situations of passionate entry-level candidates without prior instruction seeking grooming jobs, Pet Supplies Plus often trains aspiring workers through the company Groomer Academy.


  • Diverse opportunities exist in management roles at Pet Supplies Plus.
  • Performing immediate and hands-on oversight of personnel actions, shift supervisors make around $11.00 per hour and may become eligible for internal promotion to assistant manager positions.
  • Working under team leaders, assistant team leaders train new workers, file paperwork, and double-check inventory and sales numbers.
  • Assistant team leaders must also show true devotion to animal well-being and respect for the bond between pets and owners to best serve customers.
  • In addition, candidates need to possess four-year degrees or equivalent work experience, along with at least two years of work history in management.
  • Salary options for assistant managers generally hover around $35,000 annually, while team leaders earn closer to $45,000 per year.

Tips For Applying

Pet Supplies Plus prefers to employ job seekers with accommodating schedules and, for management, the ability to work long hours, so applicants should present open availability to interviewers when possible. Animal lovers also generally face much better prospects for hire with the company. Candidates should show enthusiasm for detail-oriented care and driving sales numbers, as well. Though print applications stand available at some locations, the standard procedures for gaining employment with the company remains applying online.

Application Status

Applicants may follow up with managers to find out the status of submitted applications. Phone calls, store visits, and emails all prove acceptable forms of inquiry. Job seekers should wear professional attire during trips to Pet Supplies Plus locations and prepare to wait until supervisory staff gain time away from pressing duties. Display polite and patient demeanors to give managers positive impressions.

Benefits of Working at Pet Supplies Plus

Though job benefits for part-time workers remain limited, full-time staff members often enjoy industry-standard perks, such as paid time off and 401(k) retirement plans. In addition, opportunities for advancement and comfortable base pay frequently prove available. Some employees also find working with animals provides a relaxing and fulfilling influence on mood during shifts. Flexible scheduling options remain a draw for workers, as well.

More Details on Pet Supplies Plus

Founded in 1988, Pet Supplies Plus provides locally made and natural products whenever possible. The company offers pet food choices prepared without additives or chemical ingredients. Stores also feature products in compliance with the Made in the USA standards of the Federal Trade Commission signifying American-manufactured goods. In addition, select locations host pet adoption events and fundraisers to benefit local animal shelters and rescue organizations.


  • Jakaya says:

    I worked there when I was in high school. I got a lot of experience cleaning fish tanks, wiping off the water spots outside the fish tank and stocking and dusting off shelves, and sorting dog bones and food and toys

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