Pet Supplies Plus Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Pet Supplies Plus

The interview process for Pet Supplies Plus jobs routinely takes about a day to complete. Applicants meet with an existing manager, typically a supervisor or sometimes even a store manager, and discuss the potential position and company protocol. The simple process often includes face-to-face interviews in 1:1 format. Former employees cite the Pet Supplies Plus process as simple, straightforward, and casual.

Potential Interview Questions

The Pet Supplies Plus job interview process primarily screens for applicant ability to work with animals. Candidates must feel comfortable interacting and working with animals of all varieties in addition to regular interaction with the general public. Possible Pet Supplies Plus interview questions gauge whether a prospective employee makes an ideal fit with the pet store chain, like:

  • "Do you have much experience with pets?"
  • "Do loud work environments disrupt your abilities to work?"
Other interview questions look into employment history and hours of availability.

How to Leave a Good Impression

Hiring managers typically allow applicants to wear casual dress to the interviews and talk in more candid fashions. Job seekers should still exercise professionalism and engage with Pet Supplies Plus hiring personnel in a respectful and courteous manner.

Follow Up

Applicants who do not receive jobs upon finishing the final interview may wait a week to hear back about the hiring decision. Pet Supplies Plus applicants should call the desired location if no offer is made during the final interview to check on hiring status throughout the week.


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