Pet Valu Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Pet Valu

Regional pet store chain Pet Valu bases hiring decision on the pillars of professionalism, character, and experience. Though many entry-level jobs available require no formal employment history for hiring consideration, The store often favors candidates who possess a past in the retail industry or working with animals. A working knowledge of the pet supplies industry also goes a long way in the hiring process.

Navigating the Hiring Process

Job interviews consist of one or two one-on-one hiring sessions with a manager. Applicants interview at the desired Pet Valu location and field questions about ability to perform potential responsibilities and personal background. Often times, hiring representatives hold job interviews in the back storage room areas of the desired location. The interview process also features a lengthy questionnaire, which further examines the eligibility of candidates by testing random knowledge of pets, pet supplies, customer service, sales, retail operations, and basic social skills. Applicants must pass the questionnaire in order to gain employment, regardless of performance in initial interviews.

Potential Interview Questions

Most of the interview questions encountered by prospective employees stand posed in the employment questionnaires. Hiring personnel may ask candidates additional interview questions, such as:

  • "Can you describe or relate any customer service experience you have to the position desired?"
  • Why do you think you represent an ideal candidate for the job?"
  • "Why do you want to work for this pet store?"
  • "Do you feel that you would make a positive contribution to the Pet Valu team?"
Providing honest responses that showcase prior experience or love of working with animals in a retail setting pays off exponentially for potential employees.

How to Make a Good Impression

Prepare for interviews by brushing up on employment history or practicing possible responses to basic interview questions. Applicants should also dress in appropriate fashion. Business-casual clothing or formal attire serve as the best options when deciding what to wear to interviews.


  • Stefanie says:

    Just recently applied & inteviewed for PT sales associate job.. They took the interviewing process relatively seriously considering the obviousness of the questions.. Such as ‘why do you want this position’, ‘are you ok with animals’, ‘can you lift 50 pounds’ ‘can you stand on your feet 100% of the time’ and then scenario questions like ‘a customer tells you they’ve gotten a new puppy, what do you say to them?’. Then this interview was followed up by a 180 scantron style personality test, which repeats each question multiple times – just worded differently. I’ve just been called back to now meet the district manager. This is only a part time position so I’m kinda shocked at the complexity of this process, but it is for a key holder position in which you will work by yourself and close up shop at night – so I guess they want to make sure this person is trustworthy, dependable & responsible.

  • Sally says:

    I handed in a couple resumes to Pet Valu in my hometown. I really wanted to work there, so I kept going in to check if there were any available positions. Eventually, they did start hiring and apparently due to my strong dedication to get the job, I was the first on the list of people they called for a telephone interview.

    I ended up missing their call, but showed up in person to meet the manager and ask if any positions were available yet, and she asked me who I was, and that’s when she informed me she has been trying to reach me for an interview, and asked me right then if I was available for one. I of course said yes. So she took me into the back and asked me questions and then told me she’d call me next week for a 2nd interview.

    It’s been a couple days, but I really hope I get the job. She seemed really interested in me working there. The position was for a part-time 30 hrs+ a week position.

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